Bedroom is the work of Nashville teenager Noah Kittinger. True to its name, the sounds were created within the confines of Noah’s space of habitat. The moniker implies some sort of notion of retreat or escapism, in a teenage angst-y kind of way. So it shouldn’t be so surprising to hear that Kittinger is still a high school student. But it is – his dreamy pop hints at a musical maturity way beyond his years.

bedroom artist

Yes, bedrooms are probably the best place to spend your teenage years. We’re glad Noah Kittinger feels the same, ‘cos it’s bringing us some beautiful sounds.

His first full-length album, Vivid, was released in July 2012. Since then, he’s dropped an EP, a couple of new singles and is now gearing up for the motherload. Grow is his sophomore full-length release, and will surface to the world on May 20th through Furious Hooves Records.

We All Need Something is our first taste of Bedroom’s new album and features angelic vocal work from the Florida based musician Jade Lawhon. It sounds like something that is desperately missing from a Sophia Coppola film soundtrack. You know, the one that tells the all American tale of teenage love in the tree lined suburbs of Missouri, and stars a sixteen-year-old Kirsten Dunst.

The video to We All Need Something is the cherry on top of the already delicious cream cake. Roberto Colombo directs 6 minutes of good looking young people getting deep inside nature. Hiking, jumping off waterfalls, skating down dirt roads. It momentarily satisfies the part of you that wants to do the exact same, before you look up from your computer screen and out the window to the roaring sounds of a “Dial-A-Dump” delivery truck.

May 20th is just round the corner, and I’m eager to hear more from this promising young artist. Any track that can really successfully transport me elsewhere for 6 whole minutes is a winner in my books.



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