Before Daft Punk and Phoenix there was a little trio called Darlin’

It’s the early 90s and the world has yet to be truly acquainted with possibly the most iconic electronic duo of a generation. Thomas Bangalter and Guy-Manuel de Homen-Christo were naught but fledgling musicians. Soon they would be Daft Punk.

Darlin’ was to be the beginnings of Daft Punk and was graced with a third member, none other than Laurent Brancowitz of what was to be known as Phoenix.

darlin' daft punk phoenix

As a trio, Darlin’ released a bunch of dope tracks between 1992 and 1993. Just years later they gave way to some of the best dance music the world has ever known.

It was to be the catalyst for Daft Punk in every way, one reviewer even dubbing Darlin’ as “daft punky thrash”. Rather than taking it as a slam on their sonic style, it transpired into the moniker which would define them.

After just one year together the trio went their separate ways, with Brancowitz going on to join forces with his brother Christian Mazzalai, thus creating Phoenix. The three men are still mates and in 2010 reunited onstage at Madison Square Garden as a part of Phoenix’ set.

We recently spoke to Christian Mazzalai of Phoenix – you can read the interview here. Phoenix will return to Australia for Sydney City Limits, a stacked new festival taking place on Saturday February 24.

Check out the lineup here, and grab your tickets here.