LISTEN: Phoenix’s ‘Alpha Zulu’

LISTEN: Phoenix’s ‘Alpha Zulu’

Its been two years since Phoenix released Identical for the soundtrack for Sofia Coppola’s movie On the Rocks.  Their new track called Alpha Zulu marks their return in fine form.

Born from the phrase lead singer Thomas Mars heard a pilot repeat during a turbulent flight Alpha Zulu is said to foreshadow the sound of Phoenix’s upcoming album, which hints very much at “bold new sonic horizons.” 

The band is currently in the studio finishing up their new album located in the Rohan Wing of the Musée des Arts Décoratifs in a space closed off to the public, transformed into a modern studio where they are composing and recording their seventh album,  which is as yet to be titled, 

Phoenix Band member Laurent Brancowitz explains “The places we compose and record have always been important to Phoenix. We have used these spaces to discover and experiment with our art; to change the setting and scenery and to start a new adventure with each album.”

 Give “Alpha Zulu” a listen below.