The best LED strip lights and where to find them in Australia

The best LED strip lights and where to find them in Australia

LED strip lights have the potential to turn just about any environment into something spectacular. However, finding the right setup for your unique space can be tricky.

LED strip lights aren’t exactly a new technology, but thanks to a new generation of content creators and social media platforms (from TikTok or Twitch to OnlyFans), they are enjoying a bit of a renaissance. Despite being relatively inexpensive, they can easily be integrated into any existing environment to give it some extra style and ambience.

Gone are the days that we’re all tuning into terrestrial television for our daily dose of media, meaning there are far more people contributing to the creation of content than ever before. With this comes the need for more home studios and streaming setups, and LED strip lights have become a staple for these sorts of spaces.

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Image: Alexandru Acea

That said, good lighting is just as important for those outside the content creation industry; clever mood lighting can help to create everything from the perfect bedroom to a chic loungeroom to a gnarly gaming den. The possibilities and applications for LED strip lights are practically endless.

Getting your hands on the right product for your needs can be a bit more challenging though. To give you a rundown of the current market we have selected some of the best products from a range of retailers and brands, and highlighted each one’s capabilities.

JB Hi-Fi

Australian electronics giant JB Hi-Fi have a humble yet effective range of LED strip lights available for purchase.

Their range of Stadium products sell for $44 per 5m pack, coming with their own remote control and power supply. This product has 16 selectable colours, four lighting effects and a dimmer function. Not super fancy but JB have a solid returns policy if the product doesn’t work out.

Sengled products are also available here and offer a more premium experience – complete with its own app and functionality with Google Assistant, Alexa and SmartThings. This range also boasts “millions of colours“.


Harvey Norman

Harvey Norman have an impressive selection of LED strip lights too, with trusted brands such as Lenovo, Sengled, Stadium and Cygnett (many of these brands are also found above in JB HI-FI).

Lenovo’s range is a particularly attractive lighting solution; offering wonderfully thin and attractive lights that boast compatibility with Alexa and Google Assistant. They are also classed as waterproof.



Jaycar stores are an Aussie institution and perfect for those that would prefer to have a look at the products in person before making their purchase. However, because of their brick-n-mortar setup their products are a little more expensive than some of the online competition.

Their SL3954 kit features 5m of LED strip lights, an infrared remote, a power supply, and some strip joiners. Priced at $89.95 it isn’t the cheapest solution available, but Jaycar’s returns policy is likely an advantage. 



While more famous for their sausage sizzles and tradie-focused hardware, Bunnings do in fact have a more than decent selection of LED strip lights.

Even better, their Arlec range is a feature-heavy product that comes at a very reasonable price ($94.95 for 10m). These products come with the Grid Connect app that enables control from anywhere with internet access, and also has functionality with Google Assistant and Alexa. A solid bargain.



Amazon offer a great selection of LED strip lights from a number of different brands. The SHOPLED brand is currently the online market’s biggest seller and comes in either 5m or 10m packages. The SHOPLED products come with a 44-key remote control that allows users to control the colour, brightness, flashing pattern, and sleep settings.

Inscrok is another LED strip light option that comes at a slightly higher price per metre, largely due to its Bluetooth capabilities. The convenience of being able to control your lighting with just a touch of your phone is nice, and for many users worth the extra money.



Target have a small selection of LED strip lights that are more than adequate for many uses. Mirabella is their most recognised brand and can be controlled with an app that can work in tandem with both Google and Alexa.

It should be noted though that Target only stocks smaller lengths of their products (3-5m). Depending on the size of your setup though, that could even be an advantage.


led strip lights
Image: Mirabella Genio Wi-Fi


If you are looking for a lot of LED strip lights for as little money as possible, but still want a in-store guarantee, then Kmart is probably your best best.

Offering a bunch of budget options, including their home brand Anko (10m with Google and Alexa functionality for only $59), there is some serious value to be had here.


Image: Kmart