Society in peril as a Bunnings in Victoria serves vegan snags at their sausage sizzle

Even being the vegetarian that I am, I still feel a sense of patriotism at the thought of a Bunnings Sausage Sizzle. The onion, the rotary signs, the Wonder White bread and the Masterfoods sauces. It’s cheap, fun and community minded, frankly it’s Sunday arvo morning with your dad at its best. So I was as surprised and confused as any to read that a Bunnings in Victoria is chucking vegan snags on the cooktop.

I am willing to bet a significant amount of loose change that the offending hardware store was in Melbourne, nonetheless it has triggered a conversation around exactly how appropriate this choice was.

bunnings warehouse vegan sausages

For many it seems it was left field and has left them defeated, confused and hurt. “One woman in particular was very upset and very rude. I think she complained to Bunnings”

The justification for the swap in of vegan sausages at this particular location was because the charity in question Cheltenham Cat Rescue, were pretty sold on not using animal meat to raise funds for the furry friends. And you know what? Fair enough!

They were also selling veggo bangers and a plethora of condiments to drown out the apparently offensive flavours of the apparently more moral sausage option.

So don’t fret everyone, I don’t think this is a trend that’s going to catch on, but should it rear its ugly head again, rest assured if you add enough onion and BBQ sauce to anything your taste buds will implode and the issue is resolved.

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