PREMIERE: What’s the most disgusting thing you’ve seen this week? Hierophants’ video for Change is worse, and more awesome

You know those wack videos that always pop up on your news feed? Someone weird on your friends list likes them, or someone even weirder shares them. It could be a video by that How to Be Basic dude who throws raw eggs on everything – you get so creeped out by the sight of his bare legs and feet, but you somehow can’t look away.

The same vibe is channelled by Hierophants in their new video for Change. Directed by the masterful Alex McLauren (who has a whole bunch of other wacky shit on his Youtube), this film is a food fetish’s dream: gross rotten things mixed with gooey sweet confectionary. Oh, and don’t forget the real ants and flies.


We are pretty much certain that Hierophants’ video for Change is the most disgusting thing you’ll see this week. Raw meet, Fruitloops and condensed milk are not mean to be eaten together. Enjoy.

It’s a big risk releasing a music video that will cause most viewers to gag – but I feel that Hierophants’ sense of style has helped them pull it off. Self described at part cane toad, part cassowary, part crazy,” the Melbourne four piece are proving their new wave sound is strong enough to overpower the wackiness of composting pop art.

You have to hand it to the creator, there’s a lot of effort that goes into writing lyrics on a dead sardine, or a cigarette butt. How the hell did he acquire such props? A dumpster from the 80s? Whose hair is that? Is it real? God only knows what was involved in the storyboarding process. I kind of wish I was there.

Change is a song with lots of spaces. By spaces I mean pauses and by pauses I mean bits in between infectious garage rock and lyrics served straight from a diary. The sound isn’t over complicated and not the least bit pretentious: just simple, catchy cords and a tight blend of psych synth and shouting vocals, feet-stamping drums and clap-inducing electric guitar. Authentic lyrics ring through your empty head, an honest and bleak comment on life: “I rarely leave my room/when I do I cant help but feel an impending sense of doom.”

The track is matched up with this visual roller-coaster that will make you question your eating habits. I wouldn’t recommend this video to vegans, far too much animal parts for my liking. A wave of relief washes over me at 1:46: the sight of fruit loops in a bowl. A crunchy dry sugary rainbow of fruit loops, no different to what you’d see on your breakfast table in the morning.

This relief quickly turns to fear as the camera cuts to a can of ‘Low Fat Evaporated Milk’ that was probably kicking around in Andy Warhol’s factory. A pig’s ear (I think that’s what this rubbery red creation is) falls onto the bowl of loops, topped off with the yellow gunky residue of milk.

The most disturbing part of this whole video is that you might just find yourself enjoying it. You could be in the kitchen making bacon and eggs three days later, and a vision in your subconscious flashes back to the block colours and cream covered fish character you grew so fond of. Hierophants have somehow made the disgusting an aesthetic. Now that’s an achievement I’m sure you won’t forget (no matter how hard you try).