The Griswolds’ 6 step guide to Secret Garden success

Everybody’s favourite adult playground, Secret Garden, will soon be blowing minds at the end of the month. A simple farm in Sydney’s south west will be transformed into a wonderland that even C.S Lewis will have a hard time fathoming. It may be your first time as a gardener, and with the lineup still remaining a mystery you may be at a loss of how to make the most of your time there. After all, this isn’t your average festival.

Luckily for you Secret Garden younglings, Chris Whitehall from The Griswolds has descended from his mountain peak to deliver some words of wisdom for anyone heading to Secret Garden this year. The band were there in 2013 (check out their video for Mississippi which was filmed at the festival) and they had such a ripper of a time they went back in 2015, dressed as KISS no less.

Griswolds guide to secret garden

A veteran of the magical Secret Garden, Chris Whitehall of indie-pop party starters The Griswolds details the 6 steps essential to having the best time at the festival.

Step 1: Dress up

Put some effort in and create a crazy get-up to wear! Some of the best outfits I’ve ever seen have been at Secret Garden.

Secret Garden guide 1

Step 2: Camp out

Be sure to pitch a tent and stay overnight for the full Secret Garden experience.

Step 3: Bring friends

It’s a very communal type of festival so bring a bunch of your closest mates to party with. You’re all gonna have an experience that you will never forget.

Step 4: Explore

There are so many great bands to watch but there also heaps of hidden bars and nooks to check out. It’s like another world.

Secret Garden guide 3

Step 5: Drink, eat and be merry

One of my favourite things about Secret Garden is all the cool bars and food places around the festival. Every single one makes beautiful stuff.

Secret Garden guide 2

Step 6: Be responsible and respect the festival and its grounds

Remember that the festival is for a good cause so enjoy yourself and be safe.

Secret Garden guide 4

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