Here’s our festival guide to NYE on the Hill’s 10th anniversary edition

From idyllic hilltop views to exclusive side stages, there’s plenty more to see at this year’s NYE on Hill than just great music. 

Aside from morning-after regrets and midnight countdowns, the new year’s period is known for generating a notoriously stacked partying schedule. 

But amongst the crowd of staple events, there’s one festival that’s quickly risen to the top of everyone’s new year itinerary, and that’s the ultimate party known as NYE on the Hill. 

NYE on the Hill 10th anniversary edition 2023

Celebrating its 10th anniversary this year, the upcoming edition of the Victorian festival is poised to unleash its biggest outing yet, with a stellar lineup to boot. 

Somehow outdoing its previous instalments — which have welcomed everyone from Sampa The Great to Camp Cope — NYE on the Hill will this year host a starry array of talent in the likes of Alex Lahey, Beddy Rays and Ball Park Music, among many others. 


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With such a stacked lineup, and with the end of the year hotly approaching, you might be wondering how to best maximise your three-day stay in South Gippsland this new year’s. 

You’ve come to the right place. Below, we’re sharing everything you need to know about NYE on the Hill’s 10th anniversary edition, from ticketing information to the array of onsite amenities and, perhaps greatest of all, the famous sunset watching spot. 

Hilltop scenes

One of NYE on the Hill’s biggest draw cards is its unmatched scenery. Nestled within the lush rolling hills of Victoria’s South Gippsland, the festival pairs killer sets with picturesque surrounds, and maximises its location with a host of on-site features. 

Chief among these is the so-called Edge of the World bar, a hilltop salon perched on the site’s most breathtaking hill.

Seemingly ripped from a storybook, the bar invites festival-goers to enjoy the scenery with a well-earned beer, and provides the perfect place for a pre-set beverage. 

NYE on the Hill 10th anniversary edition 2023

Elsewhere, NYE on the Hill provides a separate, designated area for sightseeing atop the Sunset Watching spot. Here, revellers can breathe in the country air, and meet fellow campers and bask in the glow of twilight. 

Meanwhile, a few lucky festival-goers can set up shop at the festival’s Hill Camp Tent Village, a slice of prime real estate that includes hilltop views and waterfront camping for early arrivers.

NYE on the Hill 10th anniversary edition 2023

Bars and food

After a busy night of partying, you’ll need your fix of sustenance, which you can find at NYE on the Hill’s Food Fair.

Here, you’ll be treated to an array of eateries that cater to dietary options, with seating areas available to chow-down a much-needed hangover feed. 

You’ll need to wash all of it down, so NYE on the Hill has sprinkled more bars across the festival site. 

NYE on the Hill 10th anniversary edition 2023

After the Edge of the World, take a trip to the infamous Mr Mooyagi’s Cow-raoke Bar, where you’re invited to grab a microphone and (un)successfully upstage the lineup acts with singalong karaoke sessions.


Like any good festival, the real treat arrives on the roads less travelled.

In addition to its main stage, NYE on the Hill has installed an array of side stages and exclusive retreats, from the onboard revelry of The Bus stage to the intimate barnyard escape that is The Tiny Dancer. 

Elsewhere, more adventurous attendees can take a hike to the far-off stage of Double Down, or catch non-music acts at The Perfarmance Theatre.

NYE on the Hill 10th anniversary edition 2023


If you need to kill time between sets, then NYE on the Hill has a range of activities on offer. From snooker tables to totem tennis, and ping-pong sessions to magician sets, there’s a host of entertainment options across the festival grounds. 

NYE on the Hill 10th anniversary edition 2023

To top it all off, there’s a daily yoga program on offer for those who’ll need to fuel the day ahead, or simply need a chill space to zen out.    

NYE on the Hill 10th anniversary edition 2023

Tickets and lineup

Does all of this sound too tempting to resist? Well, we haven’t even gotten to NYE on the Hill’s starry 2023 lineup, which includes the likes of Dice, Gretta Ray, Old Mervs, The Grogans, The Terrys, Ūla, The Vanns and Squid The Kid.

All these acts and more will take to the stage across NYE on the Hill’s three-day run from Saturday, December 30 to Monday, January 1. All that’s left to do is to purchase your ticket and secure your place for a party ten years in the making. 

Head here to find remaining tickets for NYE on the Hill 2023.