Blind Eliza run amuck on blistering new single ‘Circles’

Blind Eliza chase their tails to deliver a moshpit-ready screecher with latest single Circles.

Blind Eliza have shared their new single Circles, a belting rock and roll cut that marks the Northern Beaches band’s second release of 2023.

Opening with ear-splitting drum rolls courtesy of bandmate Valentin Delerue, Circles launches into head-banging revelry with the aid of Harry Hagop’s punchy guitar riffs. 

Blind Eliza 'Circles'

The track reaches an all-out cacophony with the arrival of Sean Mulligan, whose contagious vocals brim with pop-punk attitude.

Atop blistering strums and in between airy backing harmonies, Mulligan sings of “walking away from the shadows” before planning a great escape from running around all of life’s circles. 

There’s a hard rock quality to Circles, which forefronts the band’s collective handiwork for long stretches of wordless, moshpit-ready instrumentation.

Blind Eliza 'Circles'

So hard-hitting is the track’s production — from screeching electric sections to a climactic build-up outro — that you can almost picture it blaring from the speakers of a sweaty stadium, with a heaving crowd bouncing along in tandem.    

Blind Eliza showcase a commitment to the bread and butter of classic rock that’s reminiscent of the staple acts that came before them, yet there’s plenty of unique flairs to also enjoy on Circles. 

Rhythm guitarist Ross Thomson delivers a welcome groove to the track, while the lyrics spotlight a vulnerability you might not expect given Circles’ gritty exterior.

It’s a worthy culmination of Blind Eliza’s clear vision of their sonic direction, a feat especially impressive given their relative greenness in the scene. 

Blind Eliza 'Circles'

Formed in late-2021, the four-piece made their debut with the 2022 single Over My Way, and followed it up this year with Thirst For Gold.

In celebration of their already immaculate string of releases, Blind Eliza are set to launch Circles with a series of concerts in Avalon and Sydney next month. 

They’ll be joined on stage by fellow bands Boys at the Back, Mayeflower and The Fungus, among other acts.  Head here for ticketing info for Blind Eliza’s upcoming shows, and listen to their new single Circles below.