Haiku Hands share thumping pop anthem ‘Feels So Good’

Alt dance trio Haiku Hands serve up a teaser from their forthcoming sophomore album “Pleasure Beast”

Australian alt-dance trio Haiku Hands is back in the spotlight, announcing their much-anticipated second album, “Pleasure Beast,” slated for release on December 1 via Spinning Top Records.

The trio, comprising Claire Nakazawa, Beatrice Lewis, and Mie Nakazawa, is already teasing their upcoming record with a brand-new track, “Feels So Good.”

This thumping pop anthem carries an indie edge, featuring a catchy breakbeat that’s hard to resist moving to. The production dream team behind the track includes Dan Farber (recognized for his work with Lizzo, Tkay Maidza, and G-Flip) and Josh Fountain (known for contributions to BENEE and Ladyhawke).

Claire Nakazawa’s personal touch adds depth to “Feels So Good.” Recorded just before giving birth, her vocals infuse the chorus, “let it out it feels so good it makes you want to cry,” with newfound significance. The song’s foundation draws inspiration from Fatboy Slim’s dance energy and Gorillaz’s eclectic style. Claire’s aspiration for the track is simple yet impactful: she hopes it encourages people to embrace their emotions through singing and dancing.

Beatrice Lewis chimes in, shedding light on the song’s themes. “Feels So Good” isn’t just a musical delight; it’s a declaration of honesty in a world that often prefers silence and conformity. The song celebrates those pivotal instances when individuals find the strength to amplify their voices, whether it’s speaking political truths or expressing personal desires, defying societal expectations and self-imposed limitations.

The upcoming album, “Pleasure Beast,” promises to be a journey through the collective experiences of Haiku Hands. From the frenzy of a moshpit to the serenity of a tropical daydream, the album captures the multifaceted lives of Claire, Beatrice, and Mie since their debut in 2020.

As Haiku Hands prepares to release their sophomore record, they invite listeners to join them on a spirited exploration of life’s highs and lows, all while grooving to their distinct alt-dance soundscape.


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