Get lost in a little indie angst care of Hot Glue’s debut album ‘Hatchet’

‘Limousine’ is a stand out, the vocals in particular, are clear, & pristine, with a perfect Aussie inflection that’s endearing as hell.

The Melbourne-based sibling trio Hot Glue has delivered a blend of melancholic indie vibes with a touch of gritty angst, and perfect little pockets of pop, creating an endearing journey through themes of forgiveness and the letting go of grudges.

Throughout ‘Hatchet‘, the band weaves tales of burying the hatchet, and all the baggage that accompanies it. While the album’s title might only be mentioned in a couple of tracks, its essence is omnipresent, infusing each song with a sense of emotional depth and growth.

hot glue

Recorded at the iconic Hothouse Audio in St Kilda, Hot Glue effortlessly translates their live energy into the studio, creating a captivating fusion of rock and indie sounds. Collaborating with their dad, Craig Harnath (Kylie Minogue, Jack Howard) who boasts an impressive industry background, lends an extra layer of trust to the process, resulting in a polished and resonant sound.

‘Limousine’ is a stand out, the vocals in particular, are clear, and pristine, with a perfect Aussie inflection that’s endearing as hell. The guitar, is total Snail Mail vibes, just the way we at Happy, being the indie loving kids that we are, like it.

As Hot Glue’s members – Pearl, Lily, and Henry – unitedly pour their hearts into the music, ‘Hatchet’ blossoms into a musical testament of forgiveness and growth. The album is more than just a collection of tracks; it’s a cathartic experience that encourages listeners to reflect on their own journeys of reconciliation.

The journey of ‘Hatchet’ is brought to life in the candid behind-the-scenes snapshots. These snapshots reveal the laughter-filled studio sessions, moments of contemplation on the iconic Hothouse couch, and the experimental spirit that led to the album’s unique sonic palette. From experimenting with instruments like the glockenspiel to harnessing the power of the Yamaha Reface CS synthesizer, the band’s willingness to explore new musical avenues is evident.

This is a photo from one of the many times Pearl tracked guitars on the album. We love crunchy, fuzzy guitars and embraced this aspect of our sound when recording ‘Hatchet’. We recorded the album with our dad at Hothouse Audio. We already all spend so much time together so it was really rewarding to make a piece of work together as a family along with Henry (also shoutout to Mum, our number one fan).

hot glue

This is Henry recording some synth parts for ‘Honey’ with the Yamaha Reface CS, a small but powerful little machine that we spent probably too much time fiddling around with to find the right sounds. We play live as just a three-piece, so we enjoyed coming up with some extra parts that are just on the record. The synth in ‘Honey’ builds up towards the cathartic outro and adds a little something extra to the guitar parts we know and love. 

hot glue

We had fun experimenting with different sounds we could get out of instruments we wouldn’t usually use. This is Pearl playing some glockenspiel for the second verse of ‘The Knife’ that’s actually reversed in the recording. There are a few hidden sounds and effects that we happened upon somewhat serendipitously, which we think add a special something to the songs. 

hot glue

This is the Kaoss Pad! We used this for the final track on the album called ‘What a Shame’.

We had so much fun adding every crazy, noisy thing we could think of to the outro of the song after Pearl lets loose on the vocals. We used the pad to distort Pearl’s vocal throughout the outro and love how you can hear little slices of their voice amongst the hecticness. It’s the part of the album we’re probably the most proud of.

hot glue

Here’s a photo of us having a giggle on the couch during one of our last recording sessions. Much time was spent deliberating, recording, napping, and arguing on that couch. Hothouse is a little haven for the band, and we loved having the ability to spend time together, slowly crafting the record to exactly how we wanted it. An album is a long process, and with many of the songs written pre-covid we are so excited to finally share them with everyone!