‘I Like It’ Teenage Dads latest indie rock single is a killer chiller

Teenage Dads drop another sweet tune, proving once again they are leading the indie-rock pack.

Australia’s flourishing indie-rock movement is well and truly alive all thanks to Teenage Dads dropping their latest track, ‘I Like It’.

This tune oozes the band’s signature chilled-out vibes, blending catchy riffs and jangly guitars that are bound to hit the sweet spot for die-hard fans.

‘I Like It’ perfectly captures the essence of experimental indie rock, with a sprinkle of sentimentality that’s like reconnecting with an old buddy.

Anchored by a thumping bassline, the song serves as the backdrop for Teenage Dads to dive headfirst into that electric feeling of discovering someone who’s got that special spark.

The lyrics groove playfully, conjuring up images of vintage race commentary or the energetic banter of a classic game show host.

As always, Teenage Dads are in their element, cruising through the indie music scene with ease, showcasing their knack for evolution while never straying from their core essence.

‘I Like It’ only adds to their rep for crafting tracks that are effortlessly polished, perpetually invigorating, and oh-so-addictive.

Listen to ‘I Like It’ above and check out their tour dates here.