Iced Coffee: Blending Jersey’s Innovation with LA’s Indie Vibes in Sean Massaro’s Single

Experience the fusion of Jersey’s innovation and LA’s indie vibe in ‘Iced Coffee’, Sean Massaro’s genre-blending single.

Merging the bold innovation of New Jersey’s underground music scene with the starry-eyed indie sensibilities of Los Angeles, ‘Iced Coffee’ is the new single from musical voyager Sean Massaro. Having traversed between these two places to settle in the City of Angels, ‘Iced Coffee’ is Massaro’s seventh single in five years. 

Present in all his single covers, including the full-length release ‘Make It Count’ from the preceding year, Massaro dons sunglasses, embodying the sun-soaked suburban vibes that have captured his heart in one of America’s most beloved cities. However, in the music video for ‘Iced Coffee’, these shades find their way off…

sean massaro

In his freshest single, Massaro sings, “I don’t have a definite path, and I’m absolutely fine with that.” This candid moment resonates as a refreshing departure for the young vocalist. It’s evident that he isn’t preoccupied with adhering to a specific genre, openly acknowledging his distinctive fusion of alternative and indie rock, at least for now.

‘Iced Coffee’ begins with a cascading jangle of clear and clean electric guitar, before the song sizzles into a funky groove grounded in a deep pocket. Massaro’s grooves on this track are uncomplicated and have a wide amount of swing to them, within the confines of the 3.5 minute song. When his voice enters, it sounds sweet and tender, but with an edge of honesty about it, which keeps him from sounding like a singer of sugary pop. 

The verses pulsate with a buoyant funk, while the choruses expand into a dreamy sway, evoking a different emotional resonance. Unexpected traces of progressive rock weave their way towards the track’s conclusion, introduced after a head-spinning drum fill propels us into a textured breakdown, reminiscent of the resonating intensity of classic shoegaze.

These intricately woven moments lead us through a tightly choreographed kinetic dance, before gently fading out from this whirlwind of caffeinated energy.

Check out the video above and listen to ‘Iced Coffee’ below to experience Sean Massaro’s studio wizardry firsthand.

Review By Corin Shearston