Announcing the full lineup for the Happy Mag Issue 17 Launch!

Announcing the lineup for Happy Mag’s Issue 17 Launch! Join us Friday September 22nd at Waywards.

Are you ready for an unforgettable night of music? Mark your calendars for Friday, September 22nd, as we roll out the metaphorical red carpet at Waywards and kickstart the festivities for Issue 17 Party: Western Sydney Edition.

Without further ado, with great pleasure, we unveil a meticulously crafted lineup that dances in perfect unison with the heartbeat of Western Sydney’s vibrant music scene.

western sydney line up

Ūla: Hailing from Sydney, Ūla is a musical dynamo with a soft spot for 80s rock and traditional Lithuanian folk. Keep an ear out for her renowned tracks like “Futon” and the recent gem “God Complex.” She’s a pop artist with a distinct artistic signature.

Friday*: Prepare to be captivated by Friday*’s latest offering, “Dying in the City.” With its indie pop allure, the song strikes chords both melodious and introspective. This artist’s mastery of melody and thought-provoking lyrical prowess guarantees an immersive experience.

Breakfast Road: Seamlessly fusing Backstreet Boys vibes with a dash of Tyler, The Creator’s innovation, Breakfast Road thrives on delivering an energetic, genre-bending soundscape that’s brimming with originality.

The Great West: Embracing their unique Australian Filipino fusion, The Great West introduces us to “Welcome to the Great West.” This sonic journey mirrors their cultural heritage and the tales of their surroundings, get set for a sublime offering unlike any other.

Prepare to immerse yourself in the rhythm of Western Sydney as Issue 17 takes center stage. We’re turning the spotlight onto the pioneers, the game-changers, and the creative minds shaping the future. This isn’t just another night out – it’s a collective experience that reflects the heartbeat of Sydney.

We owe a massive shoutout to MODE and 13Cabs for making this epic event possible!

So, set your calendar reminders and rally your friends for a night that’s all about the beats, the culture, and the moments that stay with you.

Happy Mag Issue 17 is set to be released on 22nd September the same day as our Issue 17 Launch in Newtown, check out the event here.