LA’s indie folk sweetheart Yoke Lore announces Aussie tour

Some days have a flavour, and todays tang is all about love, love in all its dizzying, sickening, uplifting, face melting nuances.

And who better to sing about it, than Los Angeles-based Yoke Lore, the brainchild of Adrian Galvin, who is currently making some serious waves across the indie music landscape.

With the fresh new single “Hallucinate” dropping last week, and his debut album “Toward A Never Ending New Beginning” on its the way (Sep 22), Galvin has announced a series of East Coast shows in Australia as part of his Holy Havoc Tour this October.

“Hallucinate,” is the third single from the upcoming album, and I gotta say, its brightened up my Monday mood. Weaving a tale of love’s dizzying intoxication, underscored by up-tempo drum beats and whimsical synths, its just what the good doctor ordered.

Galvin’s lyrics say it all “I think of you when every single colour passes by on the highway, I crash and burn and I think I see your face.” This track, like its predecessors, “Shake” and “Winona” nails Yoke Lore’s ability to articulate the oft unspoken complexities of human emotion.

Galvin delves into his latest single explaining, “Being in love is a way of seeing the world, not the self. There are no individuals in love, just symphonious singularity.”

As the Holy Havoc Tour graces Australia, Yoke Lore will be hitting The Brightside, The Great Club, The Lansdowne, Gasometer Hotel, and Shotkickers. With a medley of melodies and heartfelt lyrics, Yoke Lore invites you to partake in a shared experience of emotions, and forging connections that transcend boundaries.

Check out the tour dates below and secure your tickets, Yoke Lore is the total indie dream package, and you don’t want to miss this:

 Tour Dates: