Another Face in the Crowd spin out on new single ‘Out Of Course (Low On Oxygen)’

Another Face in the Crowd said their new single Out Of Course (Low On Oxygen) explores the “the yearning to find direction.”

The realm of pop punk has received a well-deserved resurgence of late, and it’s bands like Another Face in the Crowd who are leading the charge.

Composed of lifelong friends Petter Berget and Nicolay Nilsen, the Norwegian duo are well-placed to revive pop punk, with strong roots in the early 2000’s alternative rock scene. 

Another Face in the Crowd new single 'Out Of Course'

So it stands to reason that the band’s latest single, Out Of Course (Low On Oxygen), makes good on its promise of punk rock attitude, and delivers an earworm brimming with aughties nostalgia.

The track opens with the kind of punchy riffs you’d hear blaring from a garage speaker, as Berget doles out an infectious vocal whine. 


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It’s the kind of angst-filled singing that typified some of pop punk’s biggest hits, and Berget pulls it off with subtlety and a patent enjoyment of the signature sound. Of course, he’s helped along by his own guitarwork, which somehow feels melodic and gritty in equal measure. 

Berget’s screechy bassline carries much of Out Of Course’s thrashing sound, which reaches blissful cacophony with the assistance of Nilsen on the drums.

Flitting between speedy fills and climactic build-ups, much of the single’s head-banging revelry comes courtesy of Nilsen’s drumsticks, with the duo’s collective efforts making for one hell of a party. 

Like any great pop punk track, there’s a depth to Out Of Course’s lyricism, too. Here, the band recall a time when “the stars were right within my reach,” before lamenting the inevitable downfall of being “all alone again.” 

There’s a vulnerability to the lyrics that belies the track’s gritty exterior, as the duo sings of “spinning out of control” and facing the reality of the unknown.

“Out Of Course (Low On Oxygen)” explores a universal theme: the yearning to find direction in an increasingly chaotic world,” the band explained in a press statement. 

Another Face in the Crowd new single 'Out Of Course'

Listen to Another Face in the Crowd’s new single Out Of Course (Low On Oxygen) below.