Squid the Kid chats rap stereotypes, his new single and the new generation of hip-hop

We caught up with Melbourne’s Squid the Kid following the release of his new single Wintertime and got to hear some refreshingly honest opinions about expressionism within the music industry.

Articulate and wise beyond his years, Squid the Kid is one young rapper to keep tabs on.

“I am by far not your average rapper or musician, I don’t really drink, smoke, go out partying”; Squid the Kid raps to his own beat.

HAPPY: Hey Squid! In the age of self-expression and invention, what kind of artist do you intend to be seen as?

SQUID: I would love people to view me as simply a normal kid that loves to create music and has fun in the process. I am by far not your average rapper or musician, I don’t really drink, smoke, go out partying etc, not saying that’s what all rappers get up to (or that there’s anything wrong with that?), but I guess there is this big stereotype when you mention someone is a ‘rapper’. The things I write about may be dumb and fun but it is me just being real with myself and the world. I document situations and thoughts based on what is really going on around me, no need for me to flex stuff I don’t do or don’t have.

HAPPY: What would you hope to inspire in the listener?

SQUID: To just be comfortable and true to themselves. I really just want people to own who they are and not really care about what others have to say. I dropped a song recently called Wintertime it is basically about how I really love winter and hate summer. To some, it may be very different and maybe even a little wacky, but it is an expression of my character. This is how I want to be able to connect with others, to express and share everything, from my love life to the comfort of wearing a lot of layers, and through understanding what my lyrics are about. I hope it gives people the confidence to just go out and do them no matter what anybody thinks.

HAPPY: In an industry that’s so cut throat and competitive, how do you stay ambitious and driven?

SQUID: As simple as this may be, I stay driven every day by just being very happy with what I do. Chasing your dreams is always a risk, whereas getting a degree at university or even working a nine to five job has, for the most part, been ‘the normal’ way of life, but the majority of people in those positions have a passion for something else outside of their job. That is what really motivates me and pushes me every day, to prove the naysayers and to show everyone that chasing a crazy dream is worth a shot, and if you really work hard you never know where life may take you.

HAPPY: When laying down a track, what do you find the hardest part of composing?

SQUID: I take a lot of pride when it comes to story telling, making sure that the sequence of the lyrics makes sense and the story and message flows naturally. This is where I really take my time with it, I may have some nice bars but if it just doesn’t fit with the message of the song I would have to scrap what I wrote and start writing again.

HAPPY: Who would be the dream feature artist for a future Squid the Kid track?

SQUID: Where do I even start … this might be a real different one, but I would love to collaborate and work with Jaden Smith. In his recent projects, he has not been doing a whole lot of rapping, but that boy can rap, he got bars! For example, he featured on a track with ¿Téo? Uno Dos, and he comes in with a nice flow and smooth lyrics. We are both around the same age as well so that would be a fun project to represent the new generation hip-hop. Jaden does not think like your average young man, always trying to help save the world with his ‘JUST Water’ campaign (and many other ventures). It speaks volumes to his character, which is something I admire and look up to. Other artists I would love to work with are Stormzy from the UK, I can already just imagine him spitting on a nice Jazz hip-hop track. Finally Sampa the Great, who currently resides in Melbourne. Being able to work with a local artist of her caliber some day would be a dream, she makes music to empower her people, something I really love about her.

You can check out the Squid the Kid’s music on all streaming platforms now. Big things to come.