Unveiling a Decade in the Making: NYE on the Hill 2023 Anniversary Lineup

Gather ’round friends, as we unveil NYE ON THE HILL’s Anniversary lineup that’s been a decade in the making.

Like a kid bursting with anticipation on Christmas morning, we’re throwing open the curtain to reveal the lineup for NYE on the Hill 2023.  Ten years of head-bopping, good vibes, and memories that refuse to fade into the night. It’s time to unwrap this musical gift and embrace the milestone in all its festive glory.

NYE on the Hill is not just an event, but a certified tradition – where connections are tight and farewells to the year are just right. As for our Christmas wish? Picture this: 2023 takes its final bow, surrounded by green grass, rolling hills, close pals, and tunes so sweet they’d make Santa jealous.

nye on the hill 2023 line up announce

Get ready for an extraordinary once-in-a-decade celebration spanning three days and two nights, from December 30th, 2023 to January 1st, 2024. The event where the best music, stunning views, sunsets, bars, food, art installations, and more, come together to an unforgettable experience that goes beyond the stage.

With NYE on the Hill ready to redefine the art of anniversary celebrations, wave goodbye to 2023 under the stars, letting music surge through you, and sharing laughs with old and new pals.

ball park music nye on the hill 2023

NYE on the Hill 2023, lineup is flawless perfection, from the indie rock explorations of Ball Park Music to the alternative rock anthems of Alex Lahey, this lineup is a testament to diverse artistic expressions.

gretta ray nye on the hill 2023

Beddy Rays effortlessly blend heartfelt lyrics with mosh-worthy riffs, while Gretta Ray’s pop-infused melodies radiate positivity. Hope D brings confessional anthems that resonate, while The Grogans’ genre-blending energy commands attention.

ula nye on the hill 2023

The Terrys and Ūla showcase vibrant sounds that can’t be ignored. The VANNS masterfully meld rhythms and storytelling into their performance. With DJs and more artists adding to the mix, NYE on the Hill 2023 promises an evening of musical camaraderie and exploration that will be remembered long after the final notes fade.

old mervs nye on the hill 2023

NYE on the Hill is dedicated to giving you an amazing time while showcasing the influential artists shaping today’s music scene. And we cannot wait.

August 24, mark it ’cause that’s when tickets drop. Secure your spot and gear up for a decade of music and memories, it’s your time. Grab your gear, tie those dancing shoes, and plunge into an audio journey that’ll echo long after the last note wanes.

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