PREMIERE: You’ll get more than a Bunnings sausage sizzle in Bleach Coma from White Lodge

If you’re anything like me, and find sick pleasure in the sight of Stratocasters, Bunnings, mod haircuts, and the sound of dirty, distilling, fuzz lit solos then White Lodge’s latest video for single Bleach Coma, will have ya seeing stars. (SPOILER ALERT: the Strat gets destroyed).

White Lodge Bleach Coma

Gold Coast foursome White Lodge take a twisted trip to Bunnings in Bleach Coma. Rough and gratifying psych rock? Just go down aisle five.

Inspired by the likes of Black Lips, The Cramps, Ty Segall, Gun Club and Nick Cave, QLD rockers Hudson, Jonny, Harry, and Jordan have produced a hefty lashing of 60s psychedelia that melts into one giant fondue of garage punk. Jumping straight into a puddle of distorted guitar, bouncy bass riffs, and trashy beats, the video lends itself to a whole world of wacky.

Firstly, they both intrigue and scare viewers with the contradicting image of a broken Strat, laying lifeless among the tides – a strangely serene few moments. They then proceed to show they’re big boys who can break boundaries, as a guy with what appears to be a tacky blonde wig, a yellow face, as well as a seemingly raging hard on for Bunnings, and ‘hair care’ isles, downs a big old sip of bleach. All amongst some inevitable shots of the band getting down and dirty in their tapestry ridden garage…the bassist’s turtle neck is, of course, the highlight of the scene.

As the blood boiling guitar solo reaches its peak, images of the boys on top of rocks, holding a skull, and foolin’ round, are thrust upon us. It’s a delicious and slightly disturbing sight. As the vocals tear through the fountains of fuzz, the bands’ front man is seen half naked in a bath tub, whilst yellow Bunnings boy, and the skull make one final appearance, it’s a delightful affair to accompany a track that sounds the way rough sex feels – empowering, fierce and at times, rather majestic.

This definitely isn’t a life changing song, but it will surely succeed in soaking a few panties, and throwing a few psych rock enthusiasts into a state of psychosis – that’s bound to count for something, right? Plus, in among the hordes of Australia’s emerging, carbon copy rock n’ roll bands, White Lodge are completely owning it, flaws and all. To them I say kudos.