Birdsville deliver a versatile slice of alt-punk brilliance on How To Lose Your Mind

It was in November last year, with the release of their debut single No Reaction, that we were first introduced to the hard-hitting alt-punk sounds of Wollongong-based trio Birdsville. Then, this January, they unveiled their latest single Sleep, further refining their explosive music.

But now the band have finally dropped their debut full-length album, How To Lose Your Mind, and with its release, they continue to build themselves as one of the most exciting emerging rock acts in Aussie music.

With the release of their debut full-length album, Wollongong three-piece Birdsville establish the brilliant versatility of their punk-driven music.

Across the new album’s ten-track duration, Birdsville craft a sound that’s grounded in punk and grunge, but reaches far further. Album opener Fix This carries the record’s longest run-time (4:08), and uses each second to build something unique. The track immediately establishes the versatility of their music; it flaunts characteristics of old-school rock, but incorporates new elements, creating something fresh.

Red Stripe is one of the album’s punchier cuts, clocking in at just over two minutes. Here, the band charge through rattling bass lines and atmospheric guitar stabs, melding abrasive song structure with somewhat woozy instrumentation.

The More I Try is one of the record’s heaviest cuts, exploding with guttural screams and searing guitar riffs, while Twin Tree Grove navigates some softer sonic territories.

By the time How To Lose Your Mind‘s closing track Pens reaches the conclusion of its brief duration, you’ll have been roped in completely by Birdsville’s searing sounds.

The release of the new album comes just in time for Record Store Day (which is happening this Saturday)… so if you find yourself at Music Farmers in Wollongong or Landspeed Records in Canberra, make sure you pick yourself up a copy of How To Lose Your Mind – they’ll both be stocking it.

Alternatively, you can pick yourself up a copy of the album at one of Birdsville’s live shows, or through their website.