What’s it like touring with your sibling? Boatkeeper’s Boyd and Jordan Fuller have a brotherly chat

Just last week we came across Vessels, the heartwarming new EP from Queensland five-piece Boatkeeper. It’s earthly, raw, and completely enthralling, a release we haven’t stopped spinning.

Amongst our sleuthing we found out Boatkeeper is practically a band of siblings, consisting of both the Fuller and Rungert brothers, plus their longtime friend James. To find out what life’s like in such a brotherly act, we asked Boyd (guitar, vox) and Jordan (keys, backing vocals) Fuller to interview one another.


What’s it like to be in a band with your brother, along with two other brothers? Get the lowdown from Boyd and Jordan Fuller of Boatkeeper.

BOYD: List your three essential items to take on tour?

JORDAN: Red party cups, a cap for sun safety, and a UE boom.

BOYD: What is your pre-show ritual?

JORDAN: Jimmy our drummer will tell you I love a good nap at some point of the day before a gig, preferably a couple of hours but I’ll settle for 30 mins. Dinner late afternoon, shower, and right before we go on, a shot of whiskey with the band (nearly spewed on the front row several times and really think we should review when we have the band pre-show shot).

BOYD: If you could record a song with an any artist or band in the world, who would it be and why?

JORDAN: Blink-182, they are the greatest band ever and are the kings of writing a catchy tune.

BOYD: Name one country that you would like to tour in the future and why?

JORDAN: USA, the idea of getting a bus and driving from town to town would be something I would love to do after reading Anthony Kedis’, Scar Tissue. Minus the heroin.

BOYD: Who is the most annoying band member?

JORDAN: Boyd, he is constantly in your face taking photos and videos and has the least gear to cart around.

BOYD: What is it like being in a band with your (awesome) brother and another set of brothers?

JORDAN: The fun fact about this is that I have known Ben and Jack (the other set of brothers) for the same amount of time as my own brother, I think this is something I’ll look back on as some of the best times of my life as I grow older.

BOYD: If you could play at any music venue in Australia, what would it be?

JORDAN: Kuranda Amphitheatre, Benny and I shared front row together watching John Butler Trio when we were ten and would be a dream to go back and play (just need to find 4000 people that actually want to hear Boatkeeper play).

BOYD: If one song had to be played every time you walked into your green room what would it be?

JORDAN: Katy PerryTeenage Dream. I am 24 and bald, Katy takes me back to better days in the hair department.

BOYD: What is your favourite food to eat on tour?

JORDAN: Kebabs after the show, it is essential to scope which place to eat before the show as I start to think about eating with about three songs to go from the end of the set.

BOYD: If you could take one comedian on the road with you to lighten the mood, who would it be?

JORDAN: Jim Carrey, he’s had his fair share of road trips, wouldn’t let him navigate but, technically he came on our last trip cause we played Dumb and Dumber on repeat on the bus tv from Brisbane to Sydney.

BOYD: If your rider had no limits, what would you include?

JORDAN: American BBQ, Charlie Dixon and the Port Adelaide team for moral support, 30 pack of Great Northerns.


September 1st – Oxford Arts Factory, Sydney
September 9th – Solbar, Maroochydore
September 14th – NightQuater, Gold Coast
September 15th – Wesley Anne, Northcote
October 27th – The Old Museum, Brisbane