Illustrator adapts Bob Dylan’s 1970 tune If Dogs Run Free into a cute AF children’s book

When he became the first songwriter to win the Nobel Prize for literature, Bob Dylan was lauded by Swedish Academy member Per Wastberg as “the greatest living poet“. It’s an opinion shared by Scott Campbell, an illustrator who just brought Dylan’s 1970 track If Dogs Run Free to life as a children’s book.

Over his expansive career Dylan has inspired countless songwriters, musicians, artists, and people with his words. This may just be the cutest inspiration to be gleaned from his words yet.

if dogs run free bob dylan children's book scott campbell

If Dogs Run Free: time to intertwine your modern day doggo obsession with your Bob Dylan fandom in a new children’s book by Scott Campbell.

The book takes Dylan’s original lyrics directly as the text and the illustrations are a beautiful compliment. Plus, we’re into the strong amount of doggos littered throughout Campbell’s contribution.

Apologies for the lo-res images, you can find a couple more on the book’s Amazon listing.

Listen to If Dogs Run Free below:

While you’re here, check out these photos of Bob Dylan before the fame.

Via Brain Pickings.