New ‘Magic: The Gathering Arena’ update hints at Bob Ross-themed cards

Beloved painter Bob Ross will have his work featured on Magic: The Gathering Arena cards in a future Secret Lair drop.

Bob Ross and Magic: The Gathering are two nostalgic pieces of 20th century pop culture many of us still remember fondly. Long before the days of Netflix and Yu-Gi-Oh!, most of us were slinging old-school cards and watching The Joy of Painting.

Magic: The Gathering Arena is the digital version of the original MTG game, with the same cards and ruleset. A Bob Ross-themed Secret Lair drop was rumoured to be in the makings and now, it has been confirmed.

bob ross land cards

The Secret Lair Drop series are a product range featuring card art from different creators. The most recent Secret Lair event featured The Walking Dead, with 11 cards representing and promoting the franchise. You can expect the upcoming drop with Bob Ross to be conducted in a similar manner – as of right now players have gotten a sneak peek of 10 land cards with Bob Ross landscape paintings replacing the defaults.

Magic: The Gathering Arena will also be giving players the opportunity to craft a version of the Evolving Wilds card with his art. The flavour text of this card will also be one fans can remember fondly:

“We don’t make mistakes, just happy little accidents.” — Bob Ross

Unfortunately, we won’t know the exact release date of these cards until further confirmation, but they’ll most likely be coming out sometime after their Kaladesh Remastered launch. For future updates and a free booster pack, check out their official website.