Here's the Easter Egg that sparked rumours of a 'TimeSplitters 2' remake - Clocked

Here’s the Easter Egg that sparked rumours of a ‘TimeSplitters 2’ remake

Another blast from the past! It looks as though TimeSplitters 2 is getting a remake, here to hit your nostalgic FPS cravings.

There’s just something magical about those old PS2 games. They never had the graphics nor the complicated lines of code, yet so many titles were just as interesting as modern releases. Getting a TimeSplitters 2 remake will remind us all of a time without 4k graphics and super realistic in-game physics.

Back in 2002, TimeSplitters 2 had already defined the bare minimum for FPS games. It had an impressive collection of guns and tactics which allowed for competitive multiplayer in an era without online play – all we got were split screens. It’s a stone-cold classic, and now it looks like a remake is on the way.

timesplitters 2 remake

Publisher THQ Nordic slipped a cheeky Easter egg within another game, hinting towards a potential TimeSplitters 2 remake. A remake, remaster, a sequel, whatever it is – it looks as though we’re getting something. SpellForce 3: Fallen God was released in early November and one of their spells held quite the suspicious message.

The spell – literally called ‘TimeSplitters 2 Remake’ – has a flavour text in French, but here’s the translation: “It’s finally coming! The iconic shooter, which has stood the test of time to join the era of modern games.”

There are no official confirmations yet, but this does tie in with the 2019 announcement by the game creator, Steve Ellis, stating he wanted to continue the franchise. For anyone looking for another dose of TimeSplitters 2, something may be coming your way.