Bravo Bonez welcomes you into an atmospheric dreamscape on ‘Love Blast Lounge’

On his debut EP, Bravo Bonez doesn’t hold anything back. He details, refines, and explores atmospheric music in a way that it has never been before.

Bravo Bonez has just released the debut to end all debuts.

Although Love Blast Lounge already sits in a revered echelon of ambient lounge music, the EP is so much more than its genre suggests. Layered with rich textures, trip-hop mixes, lo-fi blends, and walls of cinematic synth, the record is able to capture the deep spectrums of adulthood across lush gardens of sonic. It easily may be one of this year’s strongest atmospheric releases.

bravo bonez

There’s always a captivating tension that exists in ambient instrumental tracks. Inherently cinematic and visual, the artist has to find the perfect channel to give the music bite and substance without compromising on the flow and pace of the sound itself. Bravo Bonez nails this to a tee.

Saying it all through each song title, Love Blast Lounge uses name as its nuance, allowing itself the sonic freedom to slowly build, twist, and bend into a revolving nocturnal soundscape. Brassy undertones layered across atmospheric synths bring the collection its quintessential-lounge feel, while textured trip-hop and retro flairs pierce through the mix and keep the listener hooked.


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My #LoveBlastLounge EP is out on all global platforms over the next 24 hours. This is the title track. Cocktails and contemplation. Love ALL!

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“It’s been a difficult year and I put together the Love Blast Lounge EP so all my followers can experience an alternative world of music, hope and love,” the artist explains about the EP. “I want to welcome listeners into my world, where you can sit back and relax, sip on an exotic cocktail and toast a more hopeful future.”

Sonically, Bravo Bonez has created a masterpiece. Love Blast Lounge is detailed, visual, and leaves you feeling richer just for being in its presence. Yet, thematically is where the collection really shines. It is nearly impossible to pack as much nuance on love, appreciation, and perseverance into an atmospheric collection as Bonez has.

It’s an EP to unwind to, an EP to submerge yourself in, and an EP to sip your weekend martini under.

Check out Bravo Bonez’s stellar debut below: