ChAMBER LANe drop sweet lil tune ‘Liana’ an ode to letting go

Indie punk ChAMBER LANe, drop a sweet lil number ‘Liana’ an ode to letting go and embracing change.

ChAMBER LANe, a four-piece indie punk sensation from the Sunshine Coast, Queensland, is embarking on a tour across New South Wales in support of their latest single, ‘Liana.’

Known for their infectious melodies, high-energy performances, and a touch of Britpop influence, the band has firmly established themselves in the Australian music scene.

chamber lane

‘Liana’ narrates a relatable tale of letting go and embracing change. Frontman Connor Hanson shares, “It’s time to let go, no matter how badly I wanted it to work, it wasn’t going to happen, and I needed to accept it.” The message is straightforward yet resonant: welcome life’s transitions with a contented heart, without the burden of overthinking.

The ‘STOP OVERTHINKING IT Tour’ will lead ChAMBER LANe to iconic venues in Newcastle, Sydney, Canberra, Wollongong, and back to Brisbane and the Sunshine Coast. This tour promises to reveal a new dimension of the band, blending their trademark lightheartedness with a more focused and mature approach to their craft.

chamber lane

In addition to the release of ‘Liana,’ the band will debut a music video on YouTube. This visual narrative, chronicling four ill-fated dates and highlighting the significance of a supportive network, complements the song’s emotional depth and the theme of a thwarted proposal.

Furthermore, the band is in the process of creating a short documentary, offering fans an intimate look at their journey from songwriting to live performance. ChAMBER LANe is dedicated to establishing a genuine connection with their audience, allowing them to see the artists and individuals behind the music.

‘Liana’ is just one piece of a larger musical project for ChAMBER LANe. It’s part of a four-song collaboration with Craig Ross from Pease Media, with the goal of releasing all four songs over 12 months and combining them with their previous singles to create a 6-song EP. This ambitious project invites fans to be part of the ChAMBER LANe story and experience their growth as musicians.

According to Connor Hanson, “ChAMBER LANe is here for the long run.” With their down-to-earth approach to music, engaging live performances, and lyrics that strike a chord, it’s evident that this band is leaving a lasting mark on the Australian music scene.

ChAMBER LANe’s music is produced by Craig Ross, mastered by George Georgiadis, and features cover art by Josiah Niven.