Check out David Bowie’s incredibly creepy new video for Lazarus

That is a title I never thought I’d have to write – but yep, the meteorically legendary David Bowie is still pumping out tunes and videos with more creativity and grace than any other of his contemporaries. His new album Blackstar dropped last week and Lazarus is the most recent taste we’ve had from it. The accompanying video is typically wonderful and just plain strange, just like the song itself.

david bowie

Sporting a particularly Lynchian hairdo and with a cloth covering his face with two buttons for eyes, Bowie tosses and turns in a hospital bed (most probably psychiatric) as he battles with his inner demons and rallies with a particularly freaky black-haired woman.

The slick, macabre tone of the video can be attributed to the direction by Bo Johan Renck who was director for a bunch of Breaking Bad and  The Walking Dead episodes (and also the video for Blackstar). It’s all pretty dark and ghostly – as you can probably imagine.