Chemicvl from Evangeline is hypnotic electro-pop

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The first recorded artist for the re-vamped Razor Recordings is Evangeline, and for good reason too. Dabbling in a style reminiscent of a dark-electro pop it’s interesting to see her progression from styles she played when younger. Before signing with the label, she had her two demos posted on triple J Unearthed. She got great feedback with these two and audiences were able to catch a glimpse of what was to come for the then up and coming artist.

Evangeline Chemicvl

Razor Recordings put their best foot forward with Chemicvl from Evangeline. Dark, hypnotic and haunting, this youngster is a welcome addition to the electro-pop scene.

Whilst growing up in Geelong Evangeline studied music and was a classically trained singer and pianist. Even though she experimented with guitar, her classical studies continued for another three years. Over this time she achieved the highest grade in opera and this in turn saw her achieve an amazing vocal range. This is very reflective within her current works as her vocals are strong and demanding yet still gently caress the words being sung. It’s easy to see her talent and learning shines through when she sings.

With the now re-birth into Razor Recordings the label has combined different Razor Records sections (Razor Club, Razor Edge and Razor Soul) together to create a label rich in genre and talent. When Evangeline’s style changed and started taking a greater pop direction, it pulled her towards Razor Recordings and thus their first artist under the new name was signed.

Evangeline just released her debut single Chemivl a month ago. Produced by the award winning Pip Norman, the track opens with soft piano and Evangeline’s vocals. As the track progresses, the tension builds and in the chorus it explodes into a mixture of pop and electro. There are great light, and airy piano parts plus electro snippets throughout the song which really pull the piece together and polish it up beautifully. As a debut piece it’s a very solid and grounding track which firmly establishes Evangeline as a burgeoning musician.

Whilst there have not been any live shows announced for Evangeline, we are informed the new songs will have more of an electronic flavour to them. Watch this space for more on Evangeline.

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