China sees record-breaking divorce rates after easing of lockdown laws

Chinese citizens were forced into a very strict lockdown soon after the coronavirus breakout. Although the lockdown was helpful in fighting the pandemic, many Chinese couples are now filing for divorce after spending months cooped up at home.

Statistics for divorce and domestic violence surged in early March when some lockdown laws were lifted. Many couples filed for divorce straight out of quarantine.

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Statistics for divorce and domestic violence soar in China following strict lockdown. Government workers and lawyers are finding it hard to keep up.

Chinese cities Xian, Miluo, and Dazhou have all reported record-breaking divorce ratings in March, straight after the strict lockdown laws were lifted. The overwhelming numbers affected workers in many government offices around the country, with many of them struggling to get through the enormous workload.

Miluo city registration centre’s director Yi Xiaoyann stated, “Trivial matters in life led to the escalation of conflicts, and poor communication has caused everyone to be disappointed in marriage and make the decision to divorce.”

Steve Li, a divorce lawyer at Gentle & Trust Law Firm in Shanghai stated that his cases had risen 25%.

“People have time to have love affairs when they’re not at home,” he described. “The more time they spent together, the more they hate each other. People need space. Not just for couples—this applies to everybody.”

The rise in divorce rates has actually disappointed many Chinese officials who had hoped that lockdown would encourage couples to produce children. National birthrates have been in decline since the founding of the People’s Republic of China in 1949.

A baby-boom was expected as couples emerged from quarantine, and the one-child policy was even eased during lockdown with government officials stating: “As you stay home during the outbreak, the second-child policy has been loosened, so creating a second child is also contributing to your country.”

But alas, divorce rates continue to grow throughout China. Many believe this may be an indication of what’s to come in other countries when their own lockdowns are eventually lifted.