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Former Blizzard VP Chris Metzen announces new studio focusing on tabletop games

Keep an eye out for updates as Warchief Gaming, a new studio led by Chris Metzen, prepares to launch their first venture into tabletop gaming.

An interesting announcement has appeared on the gaming radar this week: former Blizzard Entertainment VP Chris Metzen has launched a new development studio called Warchief Gaming.

In a slightly rambling (but endearing) video aired yesterday, Chris Metzen and Mike Gilmartin announced that their California-based tabletop gaming club has expanded into a development studio.

Warchief Gaming Chris Metzen studio

Warchief Gaming, founded in 2018 by the two gaming industry veterans, was initially little more than a hobby club for those passionate locals keen to revisit the games of their youth. Over the past few years, the club has grown and expanded, and now the pair have made the exciting decision to release their own products.

They are nostalgic, passionate and excited to embark on their new “geeky and glorious” grand adventure into game creation and multimedia storytelling.

The origin story video included a fair amount of wistful reminiscence and excited anticipation from the men. They stated that they feel D&D and tabletop games as a whole were something they grew up with, and the game genre is a great way to socialise and share imaginative ideas with like-minded gamers. They’re keen to create a community where people can be as much of a “nerd” as they want without feeling judged.

The pair state that they plan to make products, stories, and worlds, and that people should anticipate updates within the next month while the pair prepare.

Learn more about Warchief Gaming and their upcoming games here.