Coach Bombay will hit you like a sugary rush! Can't get enough of them!

Introducing Coach Bombay

Packed with the sugar content of a bowl of Froot Loops doused in golden syrup and sprinkled with gummy bears, Coach Bombay will energise your tastebuds. Or eardrums, we should say. Let yourself indulge in the sweet, bubblegum and cotton candy flavoured sounds of Coach Bombay, the Melbournian electro-pop five-piece.

Coach Bombay

Pop music that leaves you with good vibes and more. Sprinkle some Coach Bombay over your boring old breakkie and you’ll be seeing rainbows all day.

Fronted by producer Terry Mann, Coach Bombay began as Mann’s bedroom recording project (don’t they all?), until four years down the track he decided to expand into a fully-fledged band of five. Having been together for about a year now, the five-man band had their live debut last year and have been picking up the pace after receiving lots of Triple J love.

Clearly, Mann is a connoisseur of pop. He calls their music bubblegum pop, electro pop, flower pop, space pop… what flower pop and space pop are beats me, but don’t write it off just because the words bubblegum pop gives you horrific mental flashbacks of Britney Spears in skin-tight red leather. Coach Bombay’s lip-smacking pop is the good kind that’ll have you floating in a strawberry pink bubble of elation and feel-good vibes.

Coach Bombay’s debut full-length album POPS is bursting with sparkly pop tunes, bouncy melodies, upbeat tempos, infectious hooks and synth candy. Love is an 80s-inspired killer pop tune that bounds along with an effervescence that would put Schweppes to shame.

With a simple yet endearing arrangement, Waterfall adopts that winning Coach Bombay formula to produce a standout track that will fill you with endless warm, fuzzy feelings. Better than a bowl of rainbow Froot Loops, treat yourself to Coach Bombay’s POPS without the guilt of 110 calories per serving.

With its crazy catchy hook and sweet synth riffs, the band’s latest single Girls is one of those songs that will have you busting a move on public transport against your own will. Slightly embarrassing, but Girls is worth the short-lived shame. Girls is the second single off Coach Bombay’s sophomore album Sunshine due later this year. Sweet.

Coach Bombay will launch their new single Girls with a tour throughout September.

Dates are:

Friday, 5th Sept – Shebeen, Melb

w/ The Twoks + Halcyon Drive

Thursday, 11th Sept – BIGSOUND, Bris

Saturday, 13th Sept– Beach Road Hotel, Syd



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