Cold Chisel are “putting the band back together”, working on new music

Iconic Australian rockers Cold Chisel have confirmed reports that the band are back and working on new music in an image posted to social media.

The image shows the music legends hard at work with a caption ‘putting the band back together’, and we’re sure the hardcore Chisel fans are rejoicing.

Iconic Aussie rockers Cold Chisel are “putting the band back together”, confirming they have been working hard on some new music.

The last time the band released an album was in 2015 entitled The Perfect Crime, but comes after a long history of making album after album since starting out in Adelaide in 1973. The new record will be recorded in between the band members solo commitments, with Jimmy Barnes touring his latest album My Criminal Record with Eskimo Joe and Jet starting in September and Ian Moss’ 30th anniversary tour of his album Matchbook.

Speaking to The Music last month, Barnes shared how working with Moss on his latest solo album had paved the way for a new Chisel recording.

“We started really communicating better as songwriters, so the rest of the band and I are gonna get together now and start writing and recording. I think by the end of the year we could have a really great Cold Chisel record out. Everybody feels really confident.”

Their classic rock n’ roll musicianship alongside honest storytelling have solidified their status as one of Australia’s most beloved bands. We can’t wait to head bang and toe tap to another brilliant Chisel album.