Listen to Snail Mail’s Pristine in The Sims gibberish

American Lindsey Jordan’s solo project Snail Mail has been a hit with indie rock fans across the globe. Now, it’s set to soar up the charts for sad indie teenage Sims.

Sul Sul Ooh Be Gah! Snail Mail has released a Sims version of her smash hit Pristine.

Snail Mail’s indie rock anthem Pristine (now Rizbeen) has been re-released in Simlish; the language spoken by characters in The Sims franchise.

Snail Mail Sims

The recording was released as part of the soundtrack for the new game The Sims 4: Island Living. It’s even more poignant than Snail Mail’s original.

“Seeb narp
Seeb lumdeety tee kor doz dat tevoo
Poganays, Poganays
En efoo koo zime chumnun detta, Vas tib seevoo nin veetytibs
Goh jorrow ne oobah tay”

EA regularly collaborates with rising artists to curate playlists for online gaming universes. Lindsey Jordan joins the contributing likes of Tegan & Sara, Carly Rae Jepsen and Car Seat Headrest.

In a statement, Lindsey Jordan said:

“It was really hilarious working with the producer of Lush [during the re-record into Simlish] and trying to be serious the whole time! It came pretty naturally to me for some reason. Maybe I’m a sim.”

Snail Mail’s Rizbeen makes no sense, but it slaps hard nonetheless. Listen now:

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