Get swept up in the lush guitars and lovelorn tales of Good Deal’s debut EP ‘Probably Not’

Good Deal’s debut EP ‘Probably Not’ coasts by with the blissful brevity of an afternoon daydream.  

Marking their first major release with each bandmate in the lead of their respective roles, Good Deal’s latest EP ‘Probably Not’ serves as a fully-formed declaration of their arrival.

Released in January, the five-track collection sees the North Carolina four-piece traverse the sounds of indie, folk and pop-rock music, as guided by vocalist and guitarist Cliff Johnson’s  first fully-rounded effort at songwriting and composing. 

Good Deal EP 'Probably Not'

For a lesser band, marking your arrival with a debut EP might’ve proven too intense, but ‘Probably Not’ coasts on the airwaves with a sense of self-assuredness, as though it is clearly the culmination of Good Deal’s years-long mastery of their craft. The project opens with the sunny guitars and rustic vocals of ‘Worth A Try’. 

Anchored by lead guitarist Andrew Barsody’s at once hopeful and melancholic melodies, the EP opener feels both warmly folksy and altogether moving, with Bryan Miller’s bass and William Ashely’s drums bringing moments of cathartic crescendo.

Through it all, Johnson’s candid and twangy delivery gives ‘Worth A Try’ an intimate quality, which remains a throughline for the remaining tracklist. 


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There’s an almost country flair to second track ‘Dirty Plates’, which again coasts on the kind of glittery, sunlit licks that recall the likes of Peach Pit or Spacey Jane and feel destined for an afternoon bike ride.

Subtle cymbals shimmer in the song’s closing moments, as Johnson and Miller’s layered harmonies reach levels so airy they might just touch the heavens.

For all their clear expertise in sketching rock’s softer contours, Good Deal are equally at home in pop conventions.

‘Two Birds’ is anchored by a repeated vocal hook that feels purpose-built for earworm status; the kind of repeated refrain that gives the songs structure and makes them infinitely replayable. 


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To top it all off, Good Deal possess a knack for powerful storytelling, with poignant lyricism that traces them from the missed romantic opportunities of ‘Worth A Try’ to the fears of the future that define ‘Two Birds’.

On ‘Biggest Fan’, the band bid farewell to a lover to whom they’ll always leave the door open, soundtracking the lovelorn tale with twangy licks and punchy percussion. 

Good Deal’s efforts culminate on ‘Circles’, an EP closer that bookends their sonic journey with emotional guitar melodies and Johnson’s most moving performance yet.

It’s a fitting end to the blissful simplicity that is ‘Probably Not’, which flies by with the ease and brevity of a summery daydream while holding space for life’s headier, more complex moments. 

Listen to Good Deal’s debut EP ‘Probably Not’ below.