Cope tracks the demise of his lower self with single EGO

Simmering with intensity, Cope kills his EGO and serves it on a platter, brandishing only his voice and a vibe

A blend of grunge R&B and hyper-pop, Cope brings his gravel-toned voice to the stage with EGO.

Always on the verge of breaking and filled with an ineffable intensity, EGO is unhinged and anguished, which is exactly what Cope was going for.

cope new single ego

Consistently playing with genre, Cope is reminiscent of Lil Peep and 6LACK, as well as Stand Atlantic and the new wave of hyper-pop that has been taking over the industry one trippy beat at a time.

EGO begins brazenly, full of arrogance and aggrandising sentiments.

This is intentional, Cope purposefully tracking the minimising and eventual death of his own ego.

Full of drama and confrontation, EGO is both a relaxant and an upper of tensions.

Dynamics vary from singular chords echoing in the distance, to a pitched shifted vocal musing over the pain of having an ego in the first place.

Spoken word samples courtesy of Jim Halpert’s emotional confession from The Office, bring us down, where Cope’s unhinged delivery escalates until we’re back in the thick of it.

EGO has plenty of room to breathe and consider itself, reaching an intense peak before crashing back down to the reality of having lost what was once such a vital part of one’s make up.

Cope’s production is visceral, with percussive moments that feel like rain on a window and distorted vocals that feel like spirits looking for a body to take over.

Cope is clearly following his own path, unafraid to experiment and play with his creations. Referred to as a “storm in an ocean”, EGO perfectly represents the adverse sides of Cope’s emotional expanse.

He is always either one or the other; calm, composed and reflective, or desperately untethered and lost.

Listen to EGO below.