A folk musician and a doctor, Patrick Lawrence charters his unique path with Nostalgic For Now

Between gaining a medical degree and realising a folk EP back in 2008, Dr. Patrick Lawrence has returned to his first love with his new EP

Inspired by the marriage of his passions, Nostalgic For Now covers Lawrence’s experience as a doctor and musician, as well as covering themes of love, loss and hope.

Stepping away from music to pursue a career in medicine was a particularly grappling choice for Patrick, but now he seems to have found a place for both, allowing them to fuel each other rather than stunt.

Patrick Lawrence  ep

Aiming to encapsulate six chapter of his life, Nostalgic For Now totes Patrick’s vulnerability and unique circumstances.

Toaster Song presents Lawrence’s charming twang, his voice light and full of welcoming texture. Road trip worthy with acoustic country production and steady melodic moments, Toaster Song is bittersweet.

Patrick blends poetic lyricism with tongue in cheek moments of crass revelations.

Written for his own wedding, Forever Home is as delicate as one would imagine.

A profession of faith and love, it’s a deeply personal ballad that feels entirely created for Patrick and his partner.

Percussive strings and gracious drums give rise to an infectious and moving chorus.

Simple, memorable and undoubtedly affective. Where Forever Home focuses on the beauty in his life, Half Life comments on the immense stress and pressure of having a career in medicine.

With a voice like salty butter, Patrick invites us deep into his psyche and experience. His voice is his strength, along with his tender songwriting.

Sharing his grief in Empty Room, Patrick addresses his partner’s miscarriage.

With such a sensitive topic being explored in such beautiful, poetic detail, Empty Room offers a hand to others who share in the experience of losing a child.

Patrick gently covers his own experience, while speaking directly to his partner and child.

On a note of optimism, Joy In The Journey is an upbeat folk pop track that shines a light on the brightest parts of Patrick’s experience.

With traditional country music lyrics that speak to the masses, Patrick acts as a voice of comfort. Closing with These Are The Good Old Days, Patrick brings things down to their rawest centre.

With the cadence of a classic Christmas song, These Are The Good Old Days a perfect conclusion to an emotional ride.

Perfectly encapsulating the EP title, Patrick brings a solace to his listeners.

A beautiful voice, a unique perspective and a penchant for deeply moving songwriting, Patrick deserves thousands of ears tuning in to what he has to offer when he’s out of his white coat.