Cosmic by name and nature COSMICA unveil Castle Of Dark Illusions

COSMICA invite us inside their Castle of Dark Illusions, exploring a renewed sound with their trademark celestial energy.

Brisbane based outfit COSMICA (derived from the Italian translations of The Cosmos) are extending their already generous discography with Castle of Dark Illusions, a cohesive blend of influences that mines a sense of nostalgia while sitting comfortably in Australia’s current sonic modernity. 

Born in 2021, COSMICA have offered several glances into their carefully crafted world. Channeling a collective love of space and energy, COSMICA hone in on their sense of individuality and passion with Castle of Dark Illusions.


Simmering verses that harken back to the alt-rock of the 2000s and an anthemic chorus full of desperation echoed by layered gang vocals set the scene for COSMICA to flourish.

Powerful yet still loose and inviting, Castle of Dark Illusions betrays its title; illuminating COSMICA in all their glory, and enticing us deeper into their depths.

Where COSMICA excel is in their introductions and outros, reeling us in with familiarity and a pace that promises the reaching of a destination, with a conclusion that feels like a beginning of something else, something new straight off the heels of Castle of Dark Illusions

This new single acts as an introduction to COSMICA’s next project, EXHIBITION ACT 1, set for release next year. With the band already cultivating their next steps, and using Castle of Dark Illusions as a bridge into the unknown, it serves as a welcoming and a source of great excitement.

With a collective goal to live life through their art and musical collaboration, COSMICA seem confident that their inspiration will never run dry, so long as there is life to be lived and therefore art to be offered.

It’s an altruistic thesis, one that holds charm and substance, a mission of purity that culminates in something bigger than the sum of its parts. 

Castle of Dark Illusions is nothing if not entirely listenable; a sense of reliability from its instrumental opening to its projected chorus.

With a collective personality shining through the boarded up windows, COSMICA solidify themselves in the malleable Australian alternative rock scene. 

Listen to Castle of Dark Illusions below. 

Review by Caitlin Norris