Cream pie lands smoothly on face of Qantas CEO

While speaking at a business forum in Perth, Qantas CEO Alan Joyce was slapped in the face with a lemon meringue pie by a man making a statement on marriage equality.

Afterwards, Joyce stated “Qantas has always spoken up on gender issues, on LGBTI issues, on Indigenous issues and we will continue to do so and no attempt at bullying us into suppressing our voice will work.”

Qantas CEO Alan Joyce still stands firmly on his views for marriage equality after being slammed in the face with a cream pie by a bitter protester.

The Perth man named Tony Overheu sent Joyce an apology via email and appeared on Perth Radio station 6PR, saying he chose lemon meringue because he thought it was the “softest and least likely to do any injury” to the airline CEO.

“I bought the cake the previous evening, popped it in my work ute that I own at six o’clock yesterday morning,” he told the radio hosts.

“Alan Joyce is a very active individual in this process [towards marriage equality] and in that context he was appropriate [to target],” he said.

Overheu was taken off stage by security then arrested. Joyce also left the stage and came back jacketless to the crowd’s applause.