“In the end time’s going to tell the story”: Dambro runs us through his epic new album

Earlier this month, Melbourne artist Dambro unveiled his new album TIME. Bursting at the seams with fourteen truly epic tracks, TIME took us on an incredible journey that we never wanted to end.

So we caught up with Dambro himself for a run-down on each of these extraordinary tracks.

Fresh off the release of his epic new album TIME, we caught up with Melbourne artist Dambro for a run through of each extraordinary track.


There was a time in my life where everything around me was changing. Moving out of home, different career direction, love and loss – it presented it’s challenges. It is from this place I wrote my album over TIME.

The album is about searching for yourself and finding who you are in this world. Change is where it all began. With Change, the music embodies the sense of reflection on a passed life live, and the journey to new beginnings.

No matter what changes we face in life, we come out of it as better people. Change helps us learn through adapting to new experiences. It shows us our lives from a different perspective, and teaches us the value and appreciation of what we have today.

In the end there is a bigger picture than what we imagine, and together we can create a brighter future.

Same Feeling

We are all afraid to put ourselves out there; no one wants to get hurt. Through pain we draw strength, and through strength we feel less pain. Same Feeling is
all about what it feels like to get hurt and to feel vulnerable without a cover.

Sometimes we all want to crawl up into a ball and shut out life, but sooner or later we must face the music. For a long time I didn’t sing or play the guitar because past memories haunting me from my child-hood.

I didn’t go through high school as free as everybody else. In fact, I was the outcast, the weird one, and that made me a target. Pushing through that pain has allowed me to do what I love most in life, and that is to sing, play and make music.

To be able to share this with the world means a barrier I have over come within myself. I hope this song helps you find your own strength within and helps you shine.

What I’ve Become

If you take a step back from your life, are you proud of the person you are? Are you making a difference in others life’s for better or for worse?

These were the thoughts going through my head whilst writing What I’ve Become. Sometimes we all need to take a good long hard look in the mirror.

Being a DJ in the scene, I’ve seen a lot of lost souls drowning away in sickening environments with people who generally don’t care for their well being. How people can turn a blind eye to the state the nightlife is in, I don’t know. I needed out. When did it stop becoming about the music?

Fire & Water

Deep down we hide a burning fear that is as calm as the waters above. Everyone has their own inner battles but not much speak up. Will it ever be okay again?

This was only one of the thoughts going through my head whilst writing Fire & Water. The song was written as a reminder to keep pushing on because one day
we will move passed our fear.

We are fragile souls, which is why we choose to live behind closed walls. We fear that being vulnerable makes us weak, which iswhy we have so many barrier’s between ourselves and the world around us.

It is these barriers that stop us from living. We can’t fix our mistakes, but we can re-write our future.


We all find it hard to let go sometimes, but we can only do what we feel best for ourselves. The energy we surround ourselves with impacts on the type of person we are wether we like it or not.

We are like sponges, soaking up information and impressionable to nature and behaviour. We all have path’s we must follow, and Goodbye was written as a reminder that there are some hurdle’s we must face on our own.

This world demands so much from us, and there’s only so much weight we can carry. When it’s time to say goodbye, it’s time to say goodbye.

Don’t Tell Me It’s Over

Sometimes we say things we don’t mean, and we mean things we don’t say. We tend to assume everything before hearing the other side of the story. If you had
another chance, what would you say this time?

We get lost inside of the ocean of emotions sometimes and Don’t Tell Me It’s Over was written in the after math of a breakup. The circling thoughts, second-guessing your actions, wanting this person back.

Where did it all go wrong? It’s easy to get confused, but we need to take the time to reassess the next step we take. Do we move forward? A choice you must make. In the end, it is the start of a new beginning.

Sleepless Nights

As humans we tend to over-analyse situations. We look for answer’s we’re not meant to find, and search down roads we’re not meant to follow. We draw
conclusions to things that haven’t played out yet, and we tend to forget who we are.

We have to stay true to our path, and remember the journey we‘re on. It’s easy to forget when temptation and doubt runs through your mind. We’ve got to push past the fear and continue along the journey – Sleepless Nights was a written reminder of that.

It may be long, and it may be tough, but we must never forget why we started here in the first place. We are all made for great things, and together we can strive for greatness.


Time is a beautiful construct. With time we learn, we grow, we heal, and we truly appreciate those who we’re there. Our time is precious and we must use it

We don’t know how much time we have, which is why we must live every moment to the fullest, spend it doing the things we love with the people we care most for.

Time was written as a reminder of that, to live and enjoy life’s moments. Some things remain the same no matter how much time passes. In the end time’s going to tell the story.

Fuck This

This whole world has turned to shit and no ones doing a damned thing about it. Everywhere you look there’s destruction, hatred, and dishonesty.

Is this a world we are proud of? Is this a world we truly want future generations to grow up in? What example are we setting for our young minds?

These are only some of the thoughts going through my head whilst writing Fuck This. Why can’t we all live in harmony? How hard is it to respect and treat one another like you would want to be treated? Who would want to bring life into this cruel world?

Where Do We Go Now

Sometime we lose all sense of direction. We think to ourselves, where do we go? We may not know where the road leads, but all we can do is have the courage to take the first step.

Life throws so many obstacles in our way, and sometimes we have to find another way around them. Sometimes you may need to a hundred doors to find the one your looking for.

As Where Do We Go Now was written, it was as reminder to push through the doors and not be afraid of testing the limits. We can’t prepare for the unknown but that’s what keeps it exciting.

Take Me Away

If you could escape the world right now where would you go? Can you picture the scenery? Feel the energy of this place… the peace. Take Me Away was written
with a sense of wanting an escape. A fresh start. A place where no one knows your name. A chance to start again.

It’s You

Time give us a chance to reflect on what we have and our desires. It shows us things we otherwise wouldn’t have seen because we didn’t understand what was
their at first sight.

We tend to get absorbed into what we do and are blind to other things in nature. I had a beautiful woman in my life, but I was so blinded by my music that I didn’t take notice of her and took everything for granted.

A sweet, kind and compassionate person, and only through writing It’s You did I truly understand what she meant to me.

I went on this journey, on this path to becoming a better person because I wanted to understand how to be a better caring, sharing and loving soul for her. Deep down we all have a flame burning for someone. The heart wants what the heart wants.

I Won’t Cry

We’ve got to know when it’s time to let go, when it’s time say goodbye, and when its time to move on. No one can put their life on hold. Reminiscing about the past and the memories doesn’t change what is here today, and today the present needs our focus and attention.

It is what we make of our time today that is going shape our tomorrow. I Won’t Cry signifies the end of a chapter and the beginning of a something new.

It is a reminder to always look forward and not look back. The past is in the past as it should be. Embrace the new journey for this time we are stronger than ever.

What Life Could Be

We can’t question what happens next in life. All we can do is our very best everyday. We may need a little encouragement, a little motivation to help get us
their, but once we have the drive there’s no stopping us.

What life Could Be is the anthem to following your dreams, following your life’s passion, and striving towards greatness. Never forget what makes you the happiest in life and do your best to help inspire others along the way.

There’s a plan for each and every one of us, and everything is revealed in perfect timing. Put in the effort, be patience and life will reveal it mystery.

Harness the energy of the universe and let it show you just what life could be. Trust me, it all works out in the end.

TIME is available now.