Candidate For The Abyss: DAMIEN’s Brooding Darkwave Odyssey

DAMIEN returns with brooding darkwave album “Candidate For The Abyss,” a captivating exploration of emotion.

In the hazy expanse of alternative electro-rock, DAMIEN deftly maneuvers, inviting comparisons to the iconic realms of Depeche Mode and Nine Inch Nails. Embracing the complexity of the genre’s soundscape, he crafts a mesmerizing sonic journey that is uniquely his own.

Set to release his third album on the 28th July, “Candidate For The Abyss,” DAMIEN – Queensland’s very own darkwave artist has delivered an atmospheric exploration of isolation, loneliness, rejection, and heartbreak.


Championed as DAMIEN’s most exciting work yet, the album gains significance with the success of its recent singles, ‘Hurts,’ ‘Empty,’ and ‘Nowhere,’ hinting at more sonic delights within.

Showcasing his evident production prowess and deep musical expertise, DAMIEN has crafted a brooding darkwave masterpiece that resonates with emotional intensity.

The album opens with “Joy In My Own Time,” immediately capturing attention with its vintage yet modern vibe, reminiscent of White Town’s “I Will Never Be Your Woman,” infused with a touch of dark Depeche Mode synth.

Moving on, “Nowhere” unleashes a healthy dose of bass, accompanied by subtle industrial elements, delivering pulsing electro goodness with a hint of Marilyn Manson’s stomping grounds.

“Abuser” ventures into the realm of electro love, juxtaposing lightness and darkness, underlined by pulsating sonic beats that showcase DAMIEN’s underlying pop sensibilities.

Taking a soulful turn, “Cut” provides a moment of respite in the album’s dark atmosphere, evoking visions of a spacious and smokey room akin to one of Portishead’s haunting soundscapes.

“Dogs” maintains a captivating goth electro attitude, while “Empty” emerges as an alt rock gem, propulsive and unapologetically expressing emotions worn on the sleeves.

The standout track, “Hurts,” is an electronic dark pop masterpiece, delivering a devastating ballad that delves deep into the exploration of heartbreak. His poignant vocal laments evoke Marilyn Manson’s semi-spoken lyrical delivery.

Throughout the album, DAMIEN’s vocals skillfully capture emotional intensity, paired with top-notch music featuring driving beats, atmospheric synths, and haunting melodies.

DAMIEN Candidate for the Abyss cover art

The lyrical substance of “Candidate For The Abyss” focuses on heavy themes of isolation, loneliness, rejection, and heartbreak, stemming from DAMIEN’s personal struggles as an LGBTQIA+ man with bipolar disorder.

Despite his self-description as a “backyard philosopher, theologian, and beer connoisseur,” DAMIEN’s energetic persona seems an odd contrast for his purveyor of bleak electro tracks, fit for a 2AM congregation of cyber goths.However, it is precisely this intriguing juxtaposition that adds to his compelling and distinct allure, making him a truly unique artist in his own right.

Already a staple in Queensland’s southeast gig circuit with a thoughtful and brash live show, DAMIEN has been producing original music since 2020, gaining recognition as a top male artist on the blog Nene’s Butler.

Embracing an eclectic personality and dedicating himself to the artistic vision of his previous albums, DAMIEN’s work has earned praise from triple j, scenestr, and Australian Musician, among others. Joined by Karoshi, HOSTILE ARCHITECT, and Razrwhip, DAMIEN will launch his third album at Brisbane venue King Lear’s Throne on August 4th after its online release on July 28.

“Candidate For The Abyss” promises to resonate with fans of darkwave, electro-rock, and synth-pop, leaving a lasting impact that stays with listeners long after the last note fades away.

The album can be presaved here.

For more information, visit DAMIEN’s website or watch the official lyric video for ‘Nowhere’ above, or if you’re up north this month, you can get tickets for DAMIEN’s launch show here.

Review By Corin Shearston.