Danny Brown ain’t making no Aussie friends, apparently doesn’t think he needs to credit photographers

While Danny Brown is currently down under with touring festival Groovin The Moo, he hasn’t exactly been making the best of friends with everyone.

Howls & Echoes

Apparently Danny Brown thinks he is above crediting photographers and shows zero respect for their work.

It all started with the Detroit rapper posting a picture on Instagram that was taken by Howls & Echoes photographer Michelle Grace Hunder at his set in Melbourne last week. Brown posted the photo without crediting Hunder, so the Howls & Echoes team got in touch with Brown via a DM on Twitter and got the following reply:


Ahh seriously? I didn’t think that people over the age of 12 said “butt hurt”.

He immediately deleted the photo from Instagram, and proceed to unfollow H & E and their photographers on all forms of social media. Seems like a teensy bit of an over reaction from someone simply asking for photo credit.

Brown then took to Twitter to have another little whinge, totally inappropriate considering that it was in his contract that photographers would be present at his show.

This then turned into a full blown Twitter battle, where Brown took on Project U’s Nic Kelly after he shared Brown’s original response to H & E, and even challenged him to a fight in Sydney…is this guy actually legit?

Screen Shot 2016-05-03 at 12.42.05 pm

Head over to Pedestrian TV to see the whole feed, they managed to capture the whole conversation before Brown deleted them all. Talk about blowing things out of proportion! This whole drama could have been avoided by Brown adding one, little photo credit and showing some level of respect to photographers, instead of being a super dick about the whole thing.