She may not have grown up in the era, but Ecca Vandal knows how to make a killer 80s playlist

She may not have grown up in the 80s, but Ecca Vandal has got a pretty solid grasp of what it was all about – at least music-wise. Her new record, the End of Time EP, is an instant thrashing dance classic, full of barraging beats of epic proportions, grainy acerbic vocals and frolicking synths. Her latest single Truth to Trade is an absolute banger, one to cut the rug to no doubt. We though she’d be the right person to ask to put together an 80s party mixtape. She didn’t disappoint.

Ecca Vandal

Ecca Vandal put together a massive mixtape of classic 80s rippers to help you get through your week. Thank her later.

“I’m not old enough to really know HEAPS about 80’s music BUT I do know that these are classics and def party jams. I’ve most definitely gone nuts to every single one of these tunes at some point in my life on a dancefloor somewhere… the details are a bit blurry ;)”

Technotronic – Pump up the Jam

Phat synths and big beats – perfect for any activity, dancing, treadmill, cleaning! Yep

Prince –  When Doves Cry

Because, he is royalty. This is one of my favourite Prince tracks and this groove in unbelievable….

Beastie Boys – Shake Your Rump

How rad is the video for this track? And the lyrics are crazy “Like Sam the butcher bringin’ Alice the meat, like Fred Flintstone drivin’ around with bald feet.” ….One of the best rap groups of all time.

Bad Brains – I Against I

These guys defined punk  but still massive genre crossers . Switching from punk to reggage in a matter of bars. Ground breakers in rasta-fury.

RUN DMC – Tricky


David Bowie – Lets Dance

What a collaboration – Bowie x Nile Rogers. Funk/ Rock goodness

The Cure – Close To Me

Robert Smith – perhaps one of the most unique voices ever and pop perfection in a tight three and half minute jam.

Neneh Cherry – Buffalo Dance

An 80s badass – she’s styling in this vid.

Prince – Controversy

Had to put two Prince tracks in here – this is another on of my faves. This is straight up 80’s funk in all it’s glory.

Ecca Vandal just put out her own instant dance classic – the End of Time EP. The latest slice from it is Truth To Trade – a banger for the ages. Check it out below!