Denver set to vote on decriminalising psychedelic mushrooms

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In the coming months, Denver, Colorado are likely set to decide on whether to decriminalise psychedelic mushrooms. This comes after supporters gathered more than enough signatures to qualify for a ballot measure.

Voters from Denver, Colorado are likely set to decide on decriminalising psychedelic mushrooms, with a petition raking in 8,000 signatures.

A campaign to decriminalise shrooms called Denver for Psilocybin turned in 8,000 signature to the election office earlier this week, following a rally outside the Capital Building.

Of the 8,000 signatures gathered, only 4,729 need to be valid for the vote to go ahead. The new ballot measure would prohibit city law enforcement officials from using public resources to impose criminal penalties for the possession or use of mushrooms containing the psychoactive ingredient psilocybin.

Though this will only apply to users over the age of 21 who possess shrooms for personal use. Sales of the drug will remain illegal.

Via The Hill.