Derek Russell Fimbel reassess a ‘Wrong Kind of Love’ on stirring new single

With Wrong Kind of Love, New England musician Derek Russell Fimbel lets go of a romance that no longer serves him. 

Derek Russell Fimbel has shared his latest single, a guitar-driven love song titled Wrong Kind of Love. Brimming with folksy flairs, the track opens with the warmth of rustic guitar melodies and fuzzy riffs, adopting the leisurely cadence of a slow waltz.

Atop sparse percussion, Fimbel delivers some truly buttery vocals, pulling off the kind of infectious drawl you might hear from Marcus Mumford

derek russell

There’s a blissful simplicity to Wrong Kind of Love, which is carried by unflashy instrumentation and effortless pacing. The result is a bluegrass-flecked ditty that enthrals with its coaxing rhythms and lullaby-like melodies.

Such sparsity sees Fimbel deliver a masterclass in restraint, which is not to say the track is devoid of punchier moments. 

Proving to be an instrument unto itself, Fimbel’s vocals flit between hushed tones to soaring harmonies, affording Wrong Kind of Love its moments of ascendance.

derek russell fimbel

Later, the production swells around a climactic bridge, as the singer-songwriter pines for a love that no longer serves him. Here, Fimbel recalls a romance which, while intense and real, isn’t the complete picture of love.

“She came along like a forgotten song I don’t sing anymore,” Fimbel croons in one of multiple poetic lyrics. It’s a bittersweet tale of love’s many challenges. “Enough is enough,” he declares in a moment of tangible vulnerability, “it’s the wrong kind of love.”

Mastering his flair for contemporary bluegrass is one thing, but pairing it with such tender songwriting allows Wrong Kind of Love to become altogether transcendent. 

Wrong Kind of Love adds to an already illustrious string of releases from the New England musician, whose debut album Slow Down, Sunshine, arrived in 2022. Elsewhere, Fimbel’s standout track, If You See My Love, was released in 2021. 

Listen to Derek Russell Fimbel’s latest single Wrong Kind of Love below.