King Ivy chats new single ‘Violet’, freestyling and living his best life

With a debut EP as acclaimed as last year’s Brown, the hype around new releases from King Ivy was nothing short of fever pitch.

That project caught the Meanjin artist at the cusp of his ascent, and while lesser musician’s might’ve rested on their laurels, King Ivy made good on his promise earlier this month with the release of latest single Violet

Carried by kaleidoscopic beats and gentle electric guitar riffs, the indie pop single sees King Ivy wax poetic on love and life, delivered so effortlessly with his honeyed vocals.

king ivy new music

But King Ivy isn’t planning on slowing down anytime soon. Below, the crooner swings by Happy for a deep dive into Violet, his future plans, and how “every situation holds the potential to be transformed into art.” 

Catch our full interview with King Ivy below, and scroll down to listen to his new single Violet. 

HAPPY: What’s on your plate today? Any particular projects or creative pursuits keeping you engaged? 

KING IVY: I’ve got a lot on my plate as I’m trying to bring a bunch of ideas to life this year. I’ve been working closely with my band, producing a lot of new music, and collaborating with directors to bring my vision to life. 

HAPPY: Describe the vibe of your hometown. What’s the local scene like, and how has it shaped your artistic perspective? 

KING IVY: Brisbane is beautiful; it’s a very intimate city, where everyone knows everyone. With that intimacy comes a lot of support for our creatives because we all want to see each other succeed. Being in a community like this allows me to grow artistically in a way that is unique to myself. 


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HAPPY: Take us behind the scenes of your songwriting process. Is it a carefully plotted journey or a spontaneous exploration? 

KING IVY: It depends on the day. Some days, I can get in there and freestyle the whole song, and on other days, it takes a bit longer for me to really articulate what I want to say. 

HAPPY: How did ‘Violet’ come to be? Was it sparked by a specific moment or did it organically evolve during your time in the studio? 

KING IVY: Working with James is always cool. He had the beat ready, I just got in there and did what felt right at the time. 


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HAPPY: The themes of ‘love, life, and confusion’ in ‘Violet’ – are these elements interconnected in the song, or do they represent distinct facets of your experiences? 

KING IVY: A bit of both. My writing process can sometimes involve multiple experiences that align, incorporating elements of both fiction and real-life to paint the picture I want.

These are experiences that I’ve either been through or seen. 

HAPPY: The ‘Violet’ music video is visually striking. How closely did you work with the director to bring your vision to life? 

KING IVY: I can’t take any credit for this video. I collaborated with a very talented Brisbane-based director, Luis Campbell. He’s a friend of mine and has an amazing visual eye. 

HAPPY: Beyond music, what other influences shape your creative landscape? Any particular interests or experiences that leave a mark on your work? 

KING IVY: Life in general is where I get all my creative influence, acknowledging the uniqueness of my personal experiences.

I believe every situation holds the potential to be transformed into art, it’s all perspective I guess. 

HAPPY: What are your thoughts on the current state of the music industry? Any challenges or opportunities that stand out to you? 

KING IVY: My peers in the industry are amazing and I’m always inspired by other artists. The music industry as a whole is just like any other industry.  


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HAPPY: Reflecting on the evolution of your musical identity since your debut EP ‘Brown’. How have you grown and refined your sound over the past two years? 

KING IVY: Yeah definitely, I’ve become a lot older than I was. I have more experience and knowledge to pull inspiration from. We’ve been doing a lot since brown, I’m excited to show that this year.  

HAPPY: Give us a hint about your upcoming project. Are you exploring a new musical direction, or can fans expect a natural progression from your previous work? 

KING IVY: I’m not sure what the future holds, I’m just trying to live my best life at the moment, but I have been working on a lot of music in a lot of different genres, maybe a project this year, we’ll see how I feel. 

HAPPY: What makes you happy? 

KING IVY: This is a dope question. My family, faith and personal growth make me happy. Feels to know you’re a little bit better than you were yesterday.