New Music Friday – Six Aussie and NZ artists who are delivering the goods

Welcome to New Music Friday, where we spotlight six incredible artists from Australia and New Zealand

Kicking off Happy’s New Music Friday is New Zealand’s dance duo SACHI, with ‘Wildfire,’ Emily Wurramara, unveils ‘Magic Woman Dancing,’ and Australian provocateur Kirin J Callinan takes center stage with ‘If I Could Sing,’ a compelling album that delves into the depths of his creative psyche.

Indie-pop sister duo Charm of Finches presents ‘Clean Cut,’ Sydney’s The Buoys deliver the poignant “Guard My Heart,” blending heartbreak and liberation in their signature indie rock style, and alt-indie sweetheart King Ivy continues his rise with ‘Violet.’

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Join us as we explore the diverse sounds of these talented artists shaping the new music scene Down Under.

sachi new music


New Zealand’s dance duo, SACHI (Nick Chrisp and Will Thomas), kicks off 2024 with their single ‘Wildfire’. The track, a fan-favourite from recent live performances, emerged from a summer writing session in Stockholm in 2022.

Perfected over time, ‘Wildfire’ is a euphoric dance anthem featuring a powerhouse choir – Cazzie Opeia, Sophie Curtis, and Ella Monnery – with Mazbou Q handling MC duties.

Splitting their time between Auckland and Los Angeles, the duo collaborates closely with the creative house Human Person, elevating their live shows to new heights, and if you have been lucky enough to catch SACHI live, you’ll know that they absolutely kill it.

‘Wildfire’ follows their 2023 hits, including ‘Whole Again,’ ‘Feel Good,’ and ‘Those Tears,’ bringing an emotionally charged and uplifting experience to the dance floor.

Emily Wurramara

Hailing from Nipaluna/Hobart, the resilient and proud Warnindhilyagwa artist, Emily Wurramara, emerges with a stunning new single, heralding in a transformative new era.

Following an active festival season, the ARIA-nominated musician unveils ‘Magic Woman Dancing’ on her birthday, offering a glimpse into her upcoming, unannounced album. Co-produced with collaborator Kuya James, the track, written over a decade, resonates with Western-inspired guitar, splashy drums, and textured synths.

Backed by vocalists Caiti Baker, Serina Pech, Juran Adams, and John Coulehan, ‘Magic Woman Dancing’  invites listeners to explore the path of self-discovery. The song, delving into women’s liberation, social taboos, and the transformative power of embracing one’s uniqueness, captivates with its magnetic and intimate allure.

Mixed by Ben Edgar, the track features additional instrumentation from Mangohig, Rowan Dally, and Wurramara herself, adding depth to this profound exploration of resilience and freedom. Emily Wurramara shares that ‘Magic Woman Dancing’ serves as a reminder of the true magic within each individual, waiting to be unleashed through the dance of self-expression.

Kirin J Callinan

Australian artist, actor, writer, provocateur, and musician Kirin J Callinan unveils his long-awaited album, ‘If I Could Sing,’ a compelling journey into the depths of his creative psyche.

Kirin Penned new music across Sydney, Los Angeles, and a secluded coastal retreat in New Zealand during pandemic-induced isolation, the album encapsulates Callinan’s diverse creative universe. From synth-heavy, Bowie-inspired ballad ‘Crazier Idea’ to the honest ‘Eternally Hateful,’ the record showcases pure pop bliss and grosgrain-like hymns.

Kirin reflects on the album’s genesis, aiming to capture the spontaneity of live music creation and confront his own limitations, loneliness, and surrender. The artist’s note emphasises the transformative power of embracing vulnerability, humility, and faith.

Alongside the album release, Kirin J Callinan announces tour dates across Australia, Europe, and the UK, inviting audiences to experience his captivating live performances. Free in-store album launches in Melbourne, Sydney, and Brisbane offer a sneak peek into Kirin’s unparalleled stage presence.

Friday 2nd February – Live In Store Performance @ Soundmerch
64 Oxford St, Collingwood (6pm-8pm)
Friday 2nd February – Album Launch Party @ The Tote
ft. Kirin J Callinan, The Deep Faith (SYD), Kidskin (SYD), Crybaby & Terrible DJ’s (USA)
67-71 Johnston St, Collingwood (8pm-late)

Saturday 3rd February – Live In Store Performance @ Hum Records
271 King St, Newtown (12pm-2pm)
Sunday 4th February – Album Launch Party @ Cafe Freda’s
ft. Kirin J Callinan, The Deep Faith, Mahne Frame, DJ Dumpling & Terrible DJ’s (USA)
191-195 Oxford St, Darlinghurst (4pm-9pm)

Thursday 8th February – Live In Store Performance @ Jet Black Cat Music
ft. Terrible / Worse Records Afterparty & DJ’s
72A Vulture St, West End (6pm-late)

Charm of Finches

Indie-pop sister duo, Charm of Finches, unveils their latest song, ‘Clean Cut.’ Infused with the captivating blood harmonies characteristic of Melbourne’s Mabel and Ivy Windred-Wornes, the track draws listeners into the duo’s unique realm.

Originating on a grand piano in Oslo, Norway, during a tumultuous period following extensive touring across the UK, Europe, and Canada, ‘Clean Cut’ emerged from the ashes of a relationship breakdown. The song serves as a piece of self-advice, urging the necessity of a decisive break for healing.

As dedicated DIY artists, the duo self-directed the song’s mysterious video, even designing and sewing costumes. Transforming a Melbourne warehouse into a haunted doll museum, complete with a synchronised marionette-like dance routine, the captivating visual is a testament to their creative prowess.

‘Clean Cut’ marks the second release from Charm of Finches’ fourth album, ‘Marlinchen in the Snow.’ Recorded in the winter woods of Nova Scotia with acclaimed Canadian producer Daniel Ledwell, the album reflects the transient life of Mabel and Ivy on the road, exploring themes of belonging, home, and the delicate nature of relationships, inspired by the frozen beauty of the Canadian landscape.

The Buoys

Sydney’s The Buoys kick off 2024 with “Guard My Heart,” their poignant first release of the year. The track blends heartbreak and liberation, showcasing the quartet’s signature vulnerability and indie rock sound.

Zoe’s raw lyricism takes center stage, evolving from a breakup anthem in 2016 to a versatile exploration of separation, offering comfort for letting go. Hilary describes it as a reckoning with post-breakup changes, providing both liberation and catharsis.

Following a prolific 2023, marked by singles like ‘I Want You’ and ‘Settle Petal,’ and a collaboration with Norway’s Sløtface, The Buoys continue their momentum, slated for major performances at Party In The Paddock, Laneway Festival, and Great Southern Nights

King Ivy

Alt-indie sweetheart King Ivy, who took the scene by storm with the brilliant EP ‘Brown’ last year, continues his meteoric rise with the release of his latest single, ‘Violet.’ Crafted in a single Sydney session, the track immerses listeners in a synesthetic experience, with kaleidoscopic beats and gentle electric guitar creating an entrancing soundscape.

king ivy new music

Guided by Ivy’s dreamy vocals, ‘Violet’ delves into reflections on love, life, and the labyrinth of confusion. His musical evolution, shaped over two years, echoes the sonic influences of luminaries like Daniel Caesar and Orion Sun, seamlessly blending pop melodies with poignant punk-rants.

Discovered by the astute management team at Foreign Echo, King Ivy’s alternative journey has seen triumphant showcases at BIGSOUND and headline performances that sold out in a heartbeat.

With a genre-defying repertoire boasting hits such as ‘Complicated,’ ‘Paranoid,’ ‘Take My Love,’ and ‘OY,’ King Ivy is cementing his status as a magnetic artist, drawing a vibrant community into the orbit of his ever-evolving artistry. Keep a watchful eye on King Ivy, with more new music set to come our way in the year ahead.