Regain some control with punk-pop maestro’s Sløtface & indie darlings The Buoys

A sweet cross-continental jam session has dropped, wrap your ears around a drop of pop punk indie goodness.

Norway’s punk-pop maestros Sløtface have joined forces with Australia’s indie darlings, The Buoys, for their latest single, ‘Fight Back Time‘.

This sweet lil track dives headfirst into the relatable struggle with time – you know, the never-ending rush, the constant shortage, and the mind-boggling array of choices.

the buoys x sløtface - pressers -

Lead vocalist Haley Shea of Sløtface breaks it down, “Fight Back Time is all about feeling swamped by everything on your plate and hustling to regain control.”

The magic began with a sprinkle of inspo from Maggie Rogers’ ‘Surrender’, mixed with a mutual love of Haim. Sløtface, along with producers Michael Champion and Paul Whalley, set the stage.

Skip ahead a year, and enter Zoe Catterall of The Buoys via digital connection. The musical chemistry was instantaneous, both in sound and soul, resulting in a seamless final product.

Cue in countless Zoom writing sessions, where The Buoys wrapped up their day just as Sløtface was getting started.

“Zoe and I hopped on Zoom from our totally different time zones and hit it off right away,” shares Haley Shea. “We bonded over the struggle of squeezing in everything as musicians and songwriters.”

Zoe Catterall of The Buoys adds, “Time is a theme that I often dig into in my writing. Balancing a nine-to-five with a wild tour schedule is no small feat. It was awesome to chat about this with Haley at the end of my workday in Australia, just as her day was kicking off in Norway. We’re all hustling to make time for what matters, amidst our responsibilities, and that’s what really hit home for me.”

To celebrate the drop, Sløtface is jetting off to Australia in early October for a series of writing sessions and, of course, to finally meet The Buoys in the flesh. It’s gonna be one for the books!