The Wanted Gems sing an enrapturing lullaby on new single ‘Trusted You’

Alice Springs sister duo The Wanted Gems cast a spell on Trusted You, a reflection on past love delivered with the flair of a fairytale. 

The Wanted Gems have reflected on a love that was on Trusted You, a warm slice of indie-pop that’ll hit you right in the feels.

The single was the first song ever to be written by The Wanted Gems — an identical twin music duo hailing from Alice Springs — and in the four years since its inception, now arrives on the airwaves brimming with airy resplendence. 

The Wanted Gems single 'Trusted You'

Trusted You opens with the warmth of acoustic guitar and subtle dreamy synths, immediately placing listeners in the glow of a sonic daydream.

There’s a beautiful sparseness to the production, as heavenly harmonies are accompanied simply by the strum of ukuleles and layered vocals.

This sparsity not only affords Trusted You its dreamlike fairytale quality, but also forefronts The Wanted Gems’ Madison and Micaela in all their harmonic glory. 

The Wanted Gems single 'Trusted You'

For all its indie-pop flairs, Trusted You is equally at home in a more diverse range of sounds, with textured guitar sections reminiscent of folk and an intimate quality that recalls the stylings of bedroom pop artists like BASS or Dora Jar.

Elsewhere, The Wanted Gems introduce catchy percussion and subtle drum rolls, giving the single a rhythmic feel befitting of a slow waltz.

The duo switch paces towards the end of the track, showcasing their ability to create an engaging listen without diverting too far from their dream pop roots.

The Wanted Gems single 'Trusted You'

Later, panning synths take the track to spacier corners, as the duo’s vocal harmonies stack so ascendantly they might just reach the heavens. Proving to be an instrument all unto themselves, the vocal work on Trusted You warrants its own shoutout. 

Madison and Micaela’s delivery flits from hushed whispers to soaring high notes, delivering an exercise in vocal restraint. To top it all off, The Wanted Gems pair their sound with equally engaging lyrics.

Musing on the necessity of trust in a relationship, the track is at once a reflection on both dwindling confidence in a partner and a nostalgic look back on a love that once was. 

The Wanted Gems single 'Trusted You'

“You were there, I trusted you,” the duo coo alongside lullaby-like ahh-ahh riffs, “I never want to let you go, so please just stay here with me.”

It’s never quite clear whether the duo are singing of a current romance or one left in the past, and therein lies the bittersweetness that courses through the single. 

It’s a milestone feat for any musician, but Trusted You is especially impressive given that it marks The Wanted Gems’ second-ever single. The track debuted on Triple J Unearthed over the weekend, reaching the airwaves as part of Home and Hosed with Ash Mcgregor.

Catch the duo at the cusp of their breakout moment with the new single Trusted You below.