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The Wanted Gems, Madison and Micaela Hull, make their cinematic debut with ‘Under Streetlights’

The Wanted Gems are making waves beyond music, they’ve ventured into cinema with the new film, “Under Streetlights”

Madison and Micaela Hull, collectively known as The Wanted Gems, embarked on an unexpected journey into the world of cinema with their involvement in the  “Under Streetlights” Feature Film.

Their serendipitous entry into the film industry unfolded through a Facebook post seeking a female singer aged 18-21.

the wanted gems film

What they thought might be a minor role turned into a significant opportunity as the director handed them scripts for the lead role, surprising them during auditions.

Madison secured the lead role and songwriter position, while Micaela excelled as a songwriter, costume designer, continuity supervisor, and multi-faceted behind-the-scenes contributor.

under streetlights film

“Under Streetlights,” based on true events, intricately weaves the tale of two young adults, united by their passion for music and the shared challenge of dealing with alcoholic parents.

Set against the backdrop of Alice Springs/Mparntwe, the film not only provided a platform for Madison and Micaela but also brought numerous opportunities to the town.

Discovering a newfound passion for film music composition, Madison and Micaela penned and performed several songs that became integral to the film’s narrative.

the wanted gems under the streetlight film

Premiering at The Byron Bay Film Festival with a resounding standing ovation, “Under Streetlights” marked a historic milestone as the first 100 percent locally produced feature film from central Australia.

Anticipated for release later this year, the film promises to showcase the talent and stories thriving in the heart of Australia. Check out more here, and via the films socials.

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