Go track-by-track through Lazy Dingo’s debut EP ‘I’ll Do It Tomorrow’

Eargasms, happy juices, and sacred babies are just a few terms Lazy Dingo use to describe tracks from their new EP I’ll Do It Tomorrow.  

Lazy Dingo introduced us to their eclectic sound with I’ll Do It Tomorrow, a six-track collection of shimmering indie-rock that serves as the Melbourne band’s debut EP.

Brimming with fuzzy guitar melodies, airy vocal riffs and punchy percussion, the project is bound by the band’s carefree spirit and undeniable charm, but don’t just take our word for it. 

Lazy Dingo EP 'I'll Do It Tomorrow'

Below, Lazy Dingo swing by Happy Mag for a track-by-track guide through their new EP, from the one song that feels like “a sacred baby” to the tracks that “make you ooze out all of your happy juices.”

Catch Lazy Dingo’s full track breakdown below, and scroll down to listen to their new EP I’ll Do It Tomorrow. 

I’ll Do It Tomorrow

Our title track, “I’ll Do It Tomorrow” presents the theme of procrastination and the art of delaying tasks or actions, despite knowing the potential consequences.

It is a common human tendency and often manifests as a subtle yet persistent force that hinders productivity and can snowball out of control, captained by a subconscious lack of will. 

The allure of short-term gratification or the perception of a task’s complexity can lead to postponement of their responsibilities.

While procrastination might offer temporary relief, it ultimately results in increased stress, missed deadlines, and a sense of unfulfillment.


Ahh this track… this track is one of our first ever songs written. It’s a sacred baby to us that we fed, nurtured and raised – like a chicken nourishes an egg.

It’s a song about life, reflection and cherished memories shared between the people you love. It’s a song about finding yourself as you venture out into the wilderness that is our world.

This track is one for head boppin, beer drinking, chain smoking and relaxed yet intensive thinking. 

She Loves To Dance 

Is an explosion of harmonic sound waves and eargasmic frequencies that are designed intentionally to make you ooze out all of your happy juices. It’s a song about not letting people control you or the places you want to go and just to fkn be yourself. 

This tune is pretty different from our other stuff, it’s a bit slower, a bit more chilled, a bit more experimental – yet just as good for sinking beers to!

We tried to make this song by combining different instruments and sounds that we hadn’t used on the other tracks like synthesizers, acoustic guitars, a grand piano and chucked Benny on lead vocals. 

Just A Dream

This cheeky bugga was written only a couple of weeks out from recording. The band jumped on Haz’s initial lyrics and chord progression and turned it into a fattened up completed track within a matter of hours!

It’s about all the stuff that boils your blood, things that you experience, want and ultimately, cannot control. Through the metaphor “It’s Just A Dream” all of these negative things are expressed.

After all, life is just a dream and the bad things don’t matter. A dream (or nightmare) represents and possesses the same qualities of these feelings of discomfort. However, you can always wake up or choose the direction in which the dream goes. 


Was written partly during, and finished shortly after, a SERIOUSLY eventful camping trip. The lyrics are about the craziness of the journey, while also symbolising a more significant one, the journey of life.

It uses ‘Lucy’ as an all-encompassing spiritual trip, in which all involved are under her umbrella. But be careful, if you fck with Lucy you may end up broken… 


Today is the final track on the EP. It is the realization that you can let procrastination get the better of you and you need to do it TODAY.

It is a thorough conclusion of the EP painted through the use of energetic and passionate lyrics, blood rushing guitar riffs and deep and thumping drums.

With this combination of raw energy, the motivation to do it today instead of thinking ‘I’ll Do It Tomorrow’ is hammered into the listener’s mind.